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Since 1997 the home of Washington Redskins is FedEx Field. The stadium was the largest in terms of capacity between 2004-‘10 but recent renovations brought the total seats to 82000 from just under 92000 when it was at its peak.

Tickets for Washington Redskins should be available as the team hasn’t had sell outs in recent years but also the TV broadcast wasn’t blacked out as per some sell out rules. It’s also worth noting that going there would make you hear “Hail to Redskins” which is the first fight song in the NFL. The Skins, as they go by that nickname, were also the first franchise to have an official marching band.

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Washington Redskins started its journey as Boston Braves in 1932, after year renamed to Redskins and eventually moved to Washington in 1937 where the current franchise stayed ever since. The team clinched 5 NFL Championships, three being in Super Bowl era. Their last visit and win in the biggest games came in 1991. The franchise had a good run from seventies to nineties, making only three playoff appearances this century.

The team’s colours are Burgundy, Gold and White and the team hasn’t got an official mascot although “Chief Zee” is a well-known fan and has been attending team’s games since 1978.

The Skins are in NFC East division where they have their yearly rivalries with its divisional enemies the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles. The rivalry with Cowboys is one of the better known ones and it dates back to 1960 when the Cowboys joined as an expansion team.

The team’s coach is Jay Gruden who was six times champion of Arena Football League (third longest running pro football league, played indoors on smaller fields). And who was voted the 4th greatest player of all-time in that league.

Washington Redskins are in a process of looking for their offensive identity but players such as Pierre Garcon, definitely help to push the team forward. Garcon joined the franchise in 2012, he led the league in receptions in 2013 and is one of only five players in NFL history to have 5 catches in all 16 games of regular season.

He is joined by DeSean Jackson, an explosive wide receiver who joined the Skins in 2014. Jackson was voted on the list of Top 100 NFL Players of the Year four times in a row since 2011 and he was the first player to be voted to a Pro Bowl at two different positions when he made it as a wide receiver and return specialist.

The offense can also count on its young running backs, Matt Jones and Alfred Morris.

Jones was chosen in third round of 2015 draft to learn from and also support his older teammate Alfred Morris who joined the team in 2012, made two Pro Bowl trips and has set franchise’s record in a single season rushing yards with 1613 in 2012.

Defensively there’s not many big names but enough talent and mixture between youth and experience for the franchise to have playoff hopes. It seems like the team would benefit from some firm management decisions regarding their quarterback position as it’s been shaky recently.

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