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New York Knicks Tickets

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New York Knickerbockers who are commonly known as the Knicks play their home games in second oldest arena in the NBA and the oldest arena in the NHL, Madison Square Garden that opened its doors in 1968 in current location of Midtown Manhattan. It is the fourth venue to be named Madison Square Garden with the first one being opened in 1879.

New York Knicks tickets not only get you to see a game of basketball but also experience the atmosphere of one of the busiest arenas in the world that hosts basketball, ice hockey, voicing, circuses, concerts and many other forms of entertainment. For basketball purposes the place can accommodate over 19500 spectators.

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About New York Knicks

New York Knicks which were founded in 1946 was one of the members that established the BAA, which became the NBA after merging with the NBL in 1949. The franchise along the Celtics are the only two original NBA teams that still reside in its original cities.

The team was a quite a successful one for most of its existence until the 2000 when the franchises struggles became more constant and apparent.

The Knicks have claimed two NBA titles which they won in the seventies. The franchise had been to eight NBA final series three in early fifties and the last one falling in 1999.

The Knicks are members of Atlantic Division in Eastern Conference which they have won five times, their colours are blue, orange, silver, black and white. The Knicks don’t have an official mascot.

It is vital to point out that the team’s president is Phil Jackson, a legend in NBA circles. He won eleven NBA championships as a head coach which is the league’s record plus he also won two more titles as a player which is also an NBA record for combined titles as a player and a coach. He also holds the highest winning percentage of any NBA coach.

The Knicks head coach is Derek Fisher, a former point guard who won five NBA titles playing for the Lakers who were coached by Phil Jackson.

Fisher holds the NBA record in playoff games played; he retired from playing basketball in 2014 and became the franchise head coach. Jackson’s position as the team’s president was an important fact for Fisher to take on the role and implement Jackson’s famous use of triangle offense.

The first piece to the team’s new identity was resigning Carmelo Anthony, a small forward drafted in 2003 by the Nuggets, joined the Knicks in 2011 where he continued to grow, earning himself the NBA scoring champion title in 2013. During his career Anthony was named to 8 NBA All-Star games, USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year and a multiple Olympic medallist including two gold medals won for the team USA.

His starting five teammates joined him and the team recently, most of the in 2015 in a hope to create a potent offense and include Arron Afflalo and Kristaps Porzingis.

Shooting guard Afflalo has played for several NBA teams since he was drafted in 2007 by Detroit Pistons. He was NBA Shooting Star Champion in 2009. He is known for good defensive skills against smaller players as well as ability to distribute the ball or shooting in clutch moments.

Porzingis who was drafted with overall number 4 pick in 2015 draft by the Knicks, comes from Latvia. He was named Eurocup’s Rising Star in 2015. At impressive 2.21m he should not have problems playing as a power forward/center and to prove the franchise’s fans that booing his choice during the draft was obviously a silly thing to do.

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