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About The Weeknd

Nowadays young and talented musicians try to gain popularity among people, but it has become more complicated that it was once. The reason is that today it is difficult to amaze and surprise the audience, which has seen lots of music project, bands and singers. People pay attention to unusual and interesting personalities and their career. The way to a winning musical career is long enough and only the bravest ones can cope with it and get to the top. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, who is known to you more as The Weeknd, is a good example for it. This guy was born in Ontario, Canada in 1990. He had a poor childhood, because father was far away and mom was working all time; he didn’t want to go to school and usually was skipping classes. Once he even left home for a weekend, but this event gave the guy his nickname – Weeknd. In 2010 Abel met a well known producer Jeremy Rose, who helped to start a musical career. The first singles were reordered very soon: “What You Need”, “Loft Music”, and “The Morning”. The style of The Weeknd is very specific – R&B lies in the basis, but Abel adds some of freestyle that makes the songs greater. Though Tesfaye is a young artist and doesn’t have so much experience as other singers, he knows how to attract the attention of listeners. He already got lots of fans not only in Canada, but in the United States, Europe and Asia. Many of his songs got into the Billboard chart. In 2015 his song “Earned it” become the soundtrack of the movie “50 Shades of Grey”. Only few years ago no Abel neither anyone else could imagine that such R&B music project would appear and gain the love of millions. We can say that The Weeknd only starts his first steps in the world of music; his main goal now is to establish himself as an artist. Besides writing, singing and releasing songs, Abel visits different countries in order to get more fans. It is worth mentioning that the young singer gathers big halls – it is the sign for growing popularity and success. We do believe that there is much work forward in order to gain the foothold in the world. His first tour was in 2012 and since then he keep traveling and visiting different places.

The Madness Fall Tour

The Madness Fall Tour,

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