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Our ticket booking service sells tickets for the most interesting and incredible performances. Have you ever heard about the Qasida? It is a rare music genre, but our online service gives you an opportunity to buy tickets for this unique show. Don’t waste your time and don’t miss the concert. All you have to do it to fill out the name and give your e-mail address. Qasida promises that you will enjoy the performance.

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What is Qasida? Is it popular in your country? What does this music genre come from? Well, there is a splendor opportunity to share with you the information about Qasida. Though not many people know about this music genre, some of the east countries know more about it. Qasida comes from the Arabic language, but today is also popular in the Persian and Turkish languages. Qasida can be translated as ode, because it is one of the forms of writing poetry. The Arabic world is known for beautiful poetry, as the Muslim heads were writing brilliant and breathtaking writings to their beloveds. There is classic form of Qasida; the main feature of it is a metre which can be heard throughout the whole poem and in the line rhymes. It is worth mentioning that each Qasida consists from 50 or more lines; there are even Qasida which have more than hundred lines. It all depends on the Qasida and its massage. The Persians tended to make the Qasida longer than Arabic people used to. There is a special kind of the Qasida which is familiar to West Africa. It also has its peculiarities and impresses by its beauty of soundings. The Qasida has become more popular in West countries nowadays, so this genre of music can be usually heard on concerts. So if you have an opportunity, come and listen to Qasida.

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