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About The Lion King

Who is not acquainted yet with the plot of “The lion king”? It is the favorite story both of children and adults; it tells about family relationships and how it is important to act honest, how to respect each other. On the other hand, the theme of love is also shown there. Pure feelings between Simba and Nala are perfectly described: they are like a couple that didn’t see each other for long time, but though, they remember about their love. The Musical “The lion king” is based on the book and movie, but the director added some scenes that weren’t described in the book. The characters are the same: Mufasa, Scar, Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumba and Rafiki. You will meet all animals from the movie on the stage; thanks the creativity of the designers the costumes look amazing! During the musical the audience will enjoy the songs from the movie. Elton John and Tim Rice worked together in order to make magic music. Can you remember the songs “Circle of life”, “The morning report”, “I just can’t wait to be a king”, “They live in you”, “Hakuna matata”? The musical “The lion king” was firstly debuted in Minnesota at the Orpherum Theatre in 1997. In a short time it was shown on Broadway. The performance appeared in Great Britain in 1999 in the West End at Lyceum Theatre. The musical is adored by people from each part of the world. Young children adore the funny characters Timon and Pumba, the adults enjoy the breathtaking story and get sad at one episode each time they watch the musical. “The lion King” got the Tony award for best musical, best costumes, best stage design, best choreography etc. The performance can be seen in many countries in the United States, Canada, lots of European countries, Australia and even Asia.

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