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The performances of Jerry Seinfeld are worth watching. Many of you know him for the funny sitcoms and other comedy TV shows; but Seinfeld also a great stand-up artist who usually satisfies the audience with interesting and funny performances on different topics. Buy a ticket for the performance of Jerry Seinfeld online now. Can you believe? Today you don’t have to go to the box office for buying tickets anymore! Everything has become easier. Just with one click you get the ticket for the great comedy performance ever. Choose the necessary data and confirm your order; the confirmation list will be sent to your e-mail. Don’t hesitate and order now. Your purchase will be done due to all security rules without publishing your data. Jerry Seinfeld is already looking forward to see you and your friends at the night performance. Get online tickets and have great time!

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About Jerry Seinfeld

Do you like watching stand-up? Do you usually watch comedy shown on TV? If your answer is yes, so you might have known Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry comes from a small family; he was born in Brooklyn; he studied at school and university in New York. When Jerry was a young guy, he was very funny and adored making jokes. When he grew up, he already knew that making people laugh is the goal he wants to achieve. Seinfeld was so anxious about becoming a comedy artist that soon he got the first opportunity to show all his skills. In 1976 he arrived at Catch a Rising Star company in New York, where he performed a comedy role for the first time. In a couple of years Jerry took part in a well known American sitcom “Benson”. Seinfeld was happy about getting success and gaining admiration among the people. But his winning role was at The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson where he appeared in 1981. The audience liked him and then Jerry caught that he has become a comedy star for himself. More and more comedy TV shown and serials were inviting Seinfeld to take part in them; the programs “Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Merv Griffin Show” were among them. Jeff created his own TV series telling the story of his life; of course the plot is written in a funny style. This project was translated during the years 1989-1998 and has become the most popular and favorite serials among the 1993 Jerry Seinfeld got the Golden Globe Award for the sitcom “Seinfeld”. Now Jerry continues working on television: in 2007 he was the director of the animated flick “Bee Movie”. Moreover, there are still a lot of comedy shows where Seinfeld is glad to take part.

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