Buy Hand to God Tickets

Buy Hand to God Tickets

Buy Hand to God Tickets

Children should keep on going to theatres from early age, because this good and useful habit makes people think in different and open-minded way. for starting, it is better to visit a puppet play “Hand to God”. In order to get some tickets for the performance, you have to enter our web page. There you are able to find some additional information about the plot, the cast and dates of performance. After getting acquainted with this data, you can purchase tickets for you and your child. Choose the play “Hand to God”, select the seats you like the most and pay for the purchase. In a short time the confirmation list will be sent to your e-mail. Print it and have your ticket without leaving home. Now you can come to the theatre with your kid and have a nice evening watching the magnificent puppet performance “Hand to God”.

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About Hand to God Broadway Show

Have you or your kid ever watched a puppet theatre performance? Do your children want to visit a puppet play? There is a wonderful choice for them – “Hand to God”. This play is mostly devoted to young kids, but parents enjoy this lovely performance as well. Robert Askins has written his play; it was firstly shown in 2011 Off-Broadway, but in 2014 and 2015 it appeared in Broadway. “Hand to God” tells about a strange creation called Trynoe. Some will think he is unusual and unique thing, but others will express irritation. Why is it so? You will meet Trynoe when coming to the theatre. You will see what he can teach you. Trynoe tries to make this world better; he wants to teach people to be honest with each other, love each other and respect each other – because the world will become brighter and better if we all bright some happiness and positive emotions. The director of the play – Robert Askins – says that he wanted to show children what honesty means. He believes that with puppet Trynoe kids with get the massage better than someone tells them. Marte Johanne Ekhougen worked attentively on making each puppet in a special way. the costumes were designed by Sydney Maresca, who made interesting and cure clothes. “Hand to God” won five Tony Awards; “Best New Play” is among them. It is worth saying that “Hand to God” is one of the plays parents should insist on their children to watch it. modern society needs some inquire minds and honest hearts. Trynoe gives advised to all young kids; they will be impressed by the talking puppets and the lovely and cozy atmosphere in the theatre. Everyone in the hall will keep silent and enjoy the kind stories told by a funny puppet Trynoe.

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