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Gabriel Iglesias will make the audience roar with laughter during the whole performance. All of you who like comedy and want to spend a wonderful evening listening to original and funny jokes are to buy a ticket to the performance of Gabriel Iglesias. How to get a ticket? Everything is simple. You are free to visit our online ticket booking service and made an order. Have a look on the seat location in the hall in order to define what place is available and the view is better. Choose the way of payment and be sure that our service is a reliable one – we provide all customers with total nondisclosure of their personal data. Buy a ticket for you and your friend and spend a funny evening in a cozy hall, laughing with the rest of audience and Gabriel Iglesias.

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About Gabriel Iglesias

The Americans know Gabriel Iglesias for his nickname Fluffy. Why did the well known comedy actor and writer get this name? Actually, Gabriel Iglesias is a fatty Mexican guy who very often cracks jokes on topic concerning his weight and appearance. It is a right step in order to forget about his own health problem – overweight; he also teaches young people not to get upset about this, but to be proud of what they are and to know to accept it. Gabriel was born is California to single mother and as there were 6 children in the family, the boy should work in order to earn money. The boy worked in a cell phone company, but one day he made up his mind to try his luck in comedy. And he did succeed. The audience liked the young fatty man who was joking on himself. It made people believe in his kind nature. Till now Iglesias talks about his overweight, usually says “Oh, I’m not fat, I’m fluffy” – this was the statement many people used in the 1940-ties. How does the Mexican guy make people laugh without stopping? What tricky things does he use in order the audience to like him? Well, Gabriel is a talented comedy actor who uses different sound and voices effect. His storytelling makes both young and adults double up with laughter. The main feature of his dressing is Hawaiian shirts that look so stylish on a “fluffy guy”. San Antonio Express-News called Gabriel Iglesias “comedy genius”. Today many comedy actors tend to invent stories and make the audience believe in them, but Iglesias is sure that people will get more pleasure when they laugh on common situations; sometimes daily routine can bring more fun and joy then a special written joke. So Gabriel Iglesias is sure that his Fluffy style will always be funny for the viewers.

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