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Washington Nationals Tickets

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Nationals Park which had opened in 2008 has been the home of the Washington Nationals since its first day.

The stadium, capable accommodating liver 41000 spectators will host the 2018 MLB All-Star game which will be the first All-Star game in Washington since 1969.

Washington Nationals tickets owners can rest assured that any seat on the stadium will offer great view of the playing field with the top deck allowing fans to experience views if the U. S. Capitol. One of the unique features of the venue are Kwazan Japanese cheery trees which are the most distinctive trees in Washington.

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About Washington Nationals

City of Washington had a franchise named Washington Nationals (used interchangeably with the name Senators) in the early 20th century, but this team originates from Montreal where it was founded in 1969 as the Montreal Expos and joined the league as one of the expansion teams.

It wasn’t until 1979 when the franchise finally made the postseason despite having some talented players on their roster and it took two more years for the Expos to win their first divisional title but that was the moist the franchise was able to win while In Montreal.

The team was nearly cut out of the MLB as the league was thinking of contracting from 30 to 28 in 2001 but an agreement made, prevented the league making any changes until 2006 and in the meantime the Expos were bought out and operated by the MLB itself and in 2005 there were moved to Washington and the team was named after the Washington’s first franchise, the Nationals.

Relocation to new city allowed for some more fans coming to the team’s games, despite it still being one of the lowest number in the league. The Nationals had to wait until 2012 to finally experience some post season action after winning their second divisional title.

To date, the franchise is yet to win NL Pennant or the World Series and the Nationals are the only team in the National League to never played in the World Series and second (with Seattle Mariners) in MLB never to get there.

They have won three divisional titles (last one in 2014) in the NL East Division which they have been the members since coming to life in 1969.

The team’s colours are red, navy blue and white and their official mascot is a fluffy eagle that goes by the name of Screech.

You’d probably manage to have a finger or two left out of your both hands when counting the Nationals players who won a season title or an award. From the Expos Pedro Martinez deserves a mention. He win the CY Young award for the best pitcher in 1997 along with ERA champion title the same year.

Most recently Bryce Harper seems like the real deal. In 2012 he was named the Rookie of the Year that followed being a Home Run Champion in 2015 that also helped him in being named the league’s MVP the sane season.

The franchise is yet to accomplish the 100 win season but to date the franchise had four 100 loss seasons with each city (Montreal, Washington) getting two of these each.

The Nationals weren’t that far away from contending for the playoff spot in 2015 with the regular season record of 83-79 so there will be some hoping that the team can improve on the result and get into post session action in 2016.

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