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Rogers Centre better known as the Sky Dome has hosted Toronto Blue Jays since 1989 when it opened. The multipurpose stadium was the last North American venue built to accommodate football and baseball while it was the first stadium to have a motorised retractable roof and, to be even more unique, a hotel attached to it. Out of nearly 350 rooms of the hotel, 70 overlook the field.

Toronto Blue Jays tickets holders can enjoy a multitude of amenities and given that there is over 49000 seats available one shouldn’t struggle to find their favourite split to enjoy the game of baseball.

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The Toronto Blue Jays came to life in 1977 and joined the American League as an expansion team. They are the second MLB franchise from outside of the United States, and the only current team from outside as the Montreal Expos moved to Washington in 2004.

The franchise’s very first game occurred just before there was a minor snowstorm in the vicinity of the Jays venue at the time. The Jays won the game but rest of the season was much of a losing affair.

The team went onto recording three consecutive 100 loss seasons but the team had started improving steadily from then on and these three 100 loss seasons remain the only ones in franchise history.

First divisional title came in 1985 and the best period of the franchise existence must be the early nineties when the Jays had won their division title three times in a row, in two seasons (1992 and 1993) that resulted in winning AL Pennants and also the World Series titles against the Braves and the Phillies respectively, both had been won in 6th game.

To date the Blue Jays have two World Championships and two AL Pennants to their name along six divisional titles they had won in the AL East Division they have been members of since 1997.

The team’s colours are royal blue, navy blue, red and white. Blue colour is a traditional colour of two other Toronto’s teams not to mention the bird called Blue Jay. The mascot of the team is blue jay and there have been few mascots in the history of the franchise with Ace now being the sole character that sometimes is joined by Junior.

There isn’t many big names in the history of the club despite two world championships and most of the individual championships or awards come from outside of 1992-93 period of the team’s winning seasons.

The Jays had two MVP winners, most recently, in 2015 the honour was that of Josh Donaldson. There’s also been two Rookies of the Year and 1979’s Alderdo Griffin award was the team’s first bigger individual title.

The Blue Jays had fielded four CY Young awards winners for the best pitcher, including Roger Clemens back to back titles from 1997-98. Jose Bautista won Home Run Champion title twice in back to back seasons (2010-11) making it the fourth home run championship in the history of the franchise.

The team is yet to manage 100 win season but their last 100 loss season was all the way back in 1979 when the franchise was taking off so the books in this area appear quite balanced.

The Blue Jays record of 93-69 from last season can be improved upon and the franchise’s fans will be impatiently waiting for the 2016 season to start to see how well their team is playing.

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