Tampa Bay Devil Rays Tickets

Tampa Bay Devil Rays Tickets

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Opened in 1990 the Tropicana Field stadium waited eight years for its first baseball tenant belong to the MLB family. The venue was used for college football and basketball and it’s the only domed MLB venue without a retractable roof.

With only 31000 capacity it is the smallest stadium in the MLB hence there’ll be the least Tampa Bay Rays tickets to find on the market if one needs to.

The main rotunda is similar to the one of Ebbets Field and the walkway to the main entrance of the park features 270m long ceramic tile mosaic which makes it the largest outdoor mosaic in Florida.

Another unusual feature of the venue is the Ray Touch Tank, a 10000 gallon tank, where fans are able to touch rays.

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About Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Tampa Bay Rays are the youngest MLB franchise (jointly with the Diamondbacks) that was established in 1998 and until 2008 was known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

As with many new franchises, the growing pains were at times really painful to go through or to witness by fans. The Rays finished in last place in East Division in all but 2004 season during their first decade of playing.

2008 was the team’s turning point and perhaps their best season to date. After winning the East Division the Rays went onto securing their first AL Pennant that granted them appearance in the World Series, where they were defeated in five game series by the Phillies. It was an amazing season for the franchise marking it the last to first journey.

The team enjoyed winning the East Division once more, in 2010 and besides that they have secured two more post season appearances with wild card berths in 2011 and 2013 so the recent years have definitely marked a turnaround within the organisation.

The team’s colours are navy blue, light blue, white and yellow and the franchise is officially supported by two mascots, DJ Kitty who joined the original mascot Raymond in 2013. Raymond is said to be a fluffy seadog and his teaming up with the cat which raps a lot makes for a spectacle.

Without the World Series title, with less than 20 years of existence it is quite obvious the Rays would struggle to put on field many big names and whilst there is no MVPs or Batting Champions amongst the Rays players there are three Rookies of the Year, Will Myers being the last one in 2013.

The franchise has produced one CY Young award winner in David Price who accomplished that feat in 2012 to go along his ERA champion title from the same year.

The franchise is still yet to record 100 win season (to three 100 loss seasons with 2001 being the worst at 55-106) but it’s good to know that there is one No-Hitter within the team in Matt Garza who won that feat in 2010 and also one cycle hitter in B. J. Upton who accomplished it in 2009. There’s always has to be the first time in hopefully a long list of names that will get through the team’s facilities.

With 80-82 record of the 2015 season, the team’s fans will be hoping that their Rays can finish above .500 mark in the coming 2016 season and hopefully slip into post season contention.

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