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San Francisco Giants Tickets

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AT&T Park is the home of San Francisco Giants. The ballpark opened its gates in 2000 and since then it has remained one of the most pitcher friendly venues as the length of outfield limits home runs.

It’s also worth knowing before purchasing San Francisco Giants tickets that the venue has been declared the most vegetarian friendly MLB stadium by PETA, so invite any friends you want, there’ll be always some delicious food to choose from.

The most exciting feature of the nearly 42000 stadium has to be “The Coca-Cola Fan Lot” featuring an 80-foot long coke bottle with playground slides that lights up whenever the Giants score a home run. The super slide is popular equally amongst the kids and adults.

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About San Francisco Giants

The franchise was established in 1883 as the New York Gothams. The name stuck to the team only for three seasons after which it was changed to New York Giants. The franchise relocated to San Francisco in 1958 but kept its name and it is know now as the San Francisco Giants.

Since it is one of the longest established baseball team in professional teams, it remains a one with the most won games of any team in the history of any American professional sports teams.

Before winning its first World Series the franchise had gone through some scandals, most notably in 1904, after winning their first National League Pennant the owner wouldn’t recognise American League as equal to National League and he wouldn’t play his team for World Championship. The team was forced a year later and that’s when the first World Series title was won. Up to that point the franchise had already enjoyed three World Championships.

In all history of the franchise, the Giants has won 8 World Series Titles which is tied for fourth most with Boston Red Sox.

The Giants also won 23 NL Pennants and appeared in 20 World Series which are both National League records to date.

Since moving to San Francisco the franchise has won six NL Pennants to 17 in New York and won three World Series to five while in New York. Their last title came in 2014 against the Royals.

The franchise is member of West Division and third eight divisional titles are second to Dodgers’ 14. The team’s colours are black, orange and cream and their official mascot is Lou Seal who’s been part of the team since 1996.

Given the length of the franchise life there’s no surprise in seeing many well-known names of well accomplished players. It’d be hard to list most of them but it is worth booting that while based in New York the team had never had a pitcher worth the CY Young award. It wasn’t until 1967 when Mike McCormick broke the charm. And then over 40 years later Tim Lincecum added two more.

There’s been the MVPs while in New York to ten MVP awards since in San Francisco including incredible five (four consecutive) MVP of the league won by Barry Bonds between 1993 and 2001-2004).

The list could just go on and on with so many talented players going through the gates of the Giants stadiums.

It’s not a surprise to see that the franchise recorded only one 100 loss season (1985 62-100) to seven in total 100 wins seasons with their best being 106-47 in 1904 and their last in 2003 with 100-61.

The fans will be looking for their team to bounce back up from a fairly disappointing season 2015 where they finished with 84-78 record and missing the playoffs.

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