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Heinz Field is a stadium where Pittsburgh Steelers play their home games. It is also a home to college football team Pittsburgh Panthers. Opened in 2001 the stadium was designed with Pittsburgh’s history of steel production in mind as the design included 12000 tons of steel.

Pittsburgh Steelers tickets are hot items as since 1972 the franchise has sold out every home game which of course included the over 68000 seats at Heinz Field.

Upon stadiums premiere in 2001 its jumbotron was the largest scoreboard in the NFL. There you can also see a bronze statue of Steelers founder, Art Rooney.

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About Pittsburgh Steelers

The franchise was founded in 1933 and is the oldest team in the AFC. Firstly named Pittsburgh Pirates the team got its current name in 1940 but after two years it was renamed again after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh team merged together due to many of players serving in the army. Year later the franchise merged with Chicago Cardinals for similar reasons and created Card-Pitt. They went back to being Steelers in 1945.

The team’s colours are Black, Gold and White and the mascot is called Steely McBeam.

Pittsburgh Steelers have not had much success in the pre Super Bowl era but they have been one of the most successful franchise after the league merger in 1970 winning six titles and it appeared in most Super Bowls (8), sharing the record with Patriots and Cowboys.

Steelers are members of AFC North division sharing it with Ravens, Bengals and Browns. They led the division with most division titles but still have fierce and competitive rivalries with their divisional opponents.

They’re coached by Mike Tomlin who joined the Steelers in 2007 and led them to Super Bowl victory in 2009 which made him the youngest head coach to lead his team to winning a Super Bowl. During the same season he was also named the Coach of the Year.

Ben Roethlisberger has been one of the reason of recent team’s success. Chosen in first round of draft in 2004 Big Ben as he is also known by the nickname, earned AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and is the youngest starting quarterback to win Super Bowl. He has many accomplishments which includes three times voted for Pro Bowl, co-leading the league in passing yards, has also three “Perfect Games” to his name.

For few years now Big Ben had the luxury to play with one of the best wide receivers Antonio Brown. He was chosen by Steelers in 2010 draft and since then he’s been establishing himself as one of the most efficient offensive weapons earning himself three trips to a Pro Bowl, leading the league in receiving yards and receptions in 2014 season. He also was the first player to have 5 catches and 50 receiving yards in over 30 consecutive games. At the beginning of his career Brown was also known to his special team input being the first player in NFL to have more than 1000 yards receiving and returning in the same season.

The team might lack big stand out names on the defence but the way it is built it’s meant to be highly powered offensive assault with all the pieces assembled by Steelers. And the fans can’t really complain with the team’s success in recent years.

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