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Oakland Athletics are the only remaining team in MLB that shares their stadium with an NFL team. Its been the case since 1995 when the Raiders moved back to O. Co Coliseum.

Given the fact the Athletics had some success in reaching post season it was a times causing a bit of scheduling issues hence Oakland Athletics tickets holders would like the team get a new deal to have their own ballpark to play, especaily that seating capacity of just over 35000 makes the venue the second smallest in the league. The stadium does present you with rare ability of visiting a multipurpose venue where baseball is still played.

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About Oakland Athletics

The franchise was founded in 1901 in Philadelphia and has always been known as the Athletics despite moving across the country in a pioneering journey in expanding the MLB through mid-west to eventually west as in 1955 the Athletics moved to Kansas City and then in 1968 they had settled for good in Oakland.

The Athletics are the third winningest franchise in the history of MLB with 9 World Series championships to their names. They had won 5 championships while in Philadelphia including back to back titles in 1929-30. They had gone to third consecutive World Series in 1931 but came short in seven games series to St. Louis Cardinals.

In total, while in Philadelphia the franchise had won 9 AL Pennants.

After moving to Kansas City the team had played poorly never accomplishing anything big until it was eventually sold and move to Oakland where the Athletics would be back to their old winning ways from Philly and had secured five consecutive West Division titles that also led them to securing the World Championship three years running.

To date they had won 9 World Series with the last title in 1989 but they had appeared in finals a year before and a year after making it another three years running visits to the World Series.

They had accumulated 15 AL Pennants and 16 West Division titles which is the most in there. The team’s colours are green, gold and white and their mascot is Stomper, an elephant who had been a part of the franchise on-off through the years making a permanent return in 1997.

While in Philadelphia the team had never fielded CY Young award winner for the best pitcher but the situation changed once in Oakland as the franchise produced five CY Young award winners.

The Athletics’ players secured 11 MVP awards with Jimmie Foxx being the only player in the history of franchise to win the award twice, and he had done it in consecutive years, 1932 and 1933.

The franchise is yet to have their player to win a batting championship while in Oakland but the title is known to the team, as while in Philadelphia there had been six batting champions with AL Simmons and Ferris Fain winning it twice.

The Athletics can be seen as going from one extreme into another as the franchise had ten 100 wins seasons (5 for Philly and Oakland each) with their best record coming from 1931 in 107-45 but on the other hand they had sixteen 100 loss seasons with only one since moving to Oakland.

The fans of the franchise will be hoping for their team to improve their playing levels as the last season’s record of 68-94 doesn’t really go in line with the Athletics successful runs into post season.

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