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If you are a fan of fast paced action with plenty of collision at high speed then ice hockey might be just the going for you.
With the ice rink being 200 feet long and 85 wide there is plenty of space for players to catch a momentum to skate as fast as it is needed in order to either shot the puck into opponent’s goal or try to avoid it happening.
Acquiring tickets for an NHL game not only get you to see top athletes skating fast, reacting to every change of puck’s direction, (which can travel at amazing 100 miles per hour) but also occasionally will get you to see a proper fight exploding amongst the players that can turn into a one massive brawl as fighting is still part of the game.

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In NHL game lasting 60 minutes, split in 3 periods of 20 minutes, there is 12 players on ice rink, 6 for each team (unless there is penalty against one of them causing penalised player to be removed temporarily from the rink) trying to either defend or attack the opponent’s goal and getting a score.

With the in game stoppages and breaks the average length of NHL game is over 2 hours unless there’s an overtime or shootout.

30 NHL teams, which are split in two conferences, fight during a regular season, which last around 6 months, to qualify for Stanley Cup playoffs (four rounds of best of seven series games) which ultimately lead the best team from Eastern Conference to face the best team from Western Conference in Stanley Cup Finals for the privilege of hoisting the oldest professional sports trophy in North America, Stanley Cup. Winning team gets to keep that trophy until next year another winner claims the Stanley Cup Finals. It is the only trophy in professional North American sports not to be made for each championship team every year.

The game of ice hockey is an exciting one with plenty of changes of possessions, quick decisions, brutal hits and collisions between the players which can reach speeds of even 30 miles per hour while skating, hence some hits or players crashing into the boards and glass surrounding the ice rink could wake even the dead.

The glass around the rink is very important in protecting the fans from pucks that were shot in air as well as players colliding with each other.

There is plenty of rules that players must follow during a game and four on ice officials ensure the game is flowing smoothly but is also fair. Some infractions will earn offending team a face-off near their goal, like icing for example (shooting puck through the center line and the opponent’s goal line without it being touched) while others can see a player being sent to penalty box (for example cross checking infraction) for a set amount of minutes leaving his teammates shorthanded, therefore more susceptible to losing a goal.

To work out a division winners NHL employs a two points for a win, one point for losing in over time or overtime shootout and zero points for a straight loss.

For overtime the teams face in a period of no longer than five minutes in 3-on-3 manpower with a goalie. If the game remains tied then the three round shootout begins. The teams are allowed to exchange their goalies for extra attacker during overtime but in case of losing they’ll also lose the point awarded for a tie.

It can be all sorts of complicated at time times but if you’ll put the rules aside and focus on the very skilled athletes trying to outplay each other and score the goal then the ice hockey becomes a lot more fun and exciting event to follow regularly.