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Thousands of people watch NFL from comfort of their homes every Sunday. It’s great few hours of fun but perhaps you’re person who likes to feel an adrenaline rush, or maybe your family likes to be noisy and they like to scream and chant.

If that’s the case, buying a ticket for NFL game might be best way to spend some of your cash to treat yourself to this unique experience. Where home team relies on their fans to make some serious noise to make opponents life hard. Maybe you just like witnessing grown men hit each other really hard.

Whatever the reason, a ticket for NFL game will deliver you a comfy seat to be part of this 3 hours show, where the end result is always far away from decided!



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What is NFL?

NFL stands for National Football League and it is an organisation regulating 32 teams across the States. Each team belongs to a division (8 division of 4 teams), and also to a conference (2 conferences of 16 teams).

There is 16 games in a season for each team to play, 12 teams (6 from each conference) progresses into Play Offs which happen in difficult conditions (if played outside) of January. And the main goal is to reach the Super Bowl!

Best team from AFC Conference will face the best team from NFC conference in the most viewed and most anticipated event of America’s sport, Super Bowl. And only one will get to hoist the trophy and enjoy some nice jewellery (winners get championship rings).

Game is played on a marked field by teams of 11 players where the objective is to have a possession of a relatively a small leather ball. Everyone wants that ball so you can imagine that it can be really hectic when 22 men compete to get that ball. Well it’s not that simple really.

American Football is not simple, it’s in a way a brutal chess game, using humans as pieces. Objective for offensive 11 players is to get that ball into opponent’s end zone for a touchdown in a series of plays (either where the quarterback hands the ball to a running back or tries to throw it to a receiver).

Defence on the other hand tries its best to stop it from happening. The defensive players tackle hard and sometimes deliver viciously painful hits. They line up in front of the offense in different formations trying to confuse the offense’s quarterback into making a mistake. Just to stall the offense within 4 downs.

A down is a really a play. An offense has 4 downs to move the ball 10 yards (football pitch is 100 yards long with extra 20 yards for end zones). If at 4th down the offense doesn’t manage the 10 yards, defence get the ball and swap of units happens, where offensive unit is swapped with a defensive one.

That’s why 4th down is usually where special team unit comes to play to either score a field goal or punt the ball, deep into opponents territory. And that’s how it goes, back and forth trying to score a touchdown.

The game last 60 minutes (4 quarters of 15 mins) but with all stoppages it takes around 3 hours for you and friends or family to cheer on your favourite team and make some noise when opponent’s offensive unit is on the field.