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New York Yankees Tickets

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Yankee Stadium where the New York Yankees play, has replaced the original Yankee Stadium in 2009. It is the most expensive stadium ever built and it is built for purpose of mainly hosting baseball or soccer games.

The ballpark incorporates some of replicas of some design features from the original stadium like for example the same amount of bleachers, the signature copper frieze and the lattice work from original stadium’s roof was recreated in the new building.

There shouldn’t be shortage of New York Yankees tickets as the stadium is able to endure a visit from over 52000 spectators wanting to see some baseball action.

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About New York Yankees

The franchise came to life in 1901 as Baltimore Orioles (not linked with the current Orioles team), in 1903 it was renamed to New York Highlanders and finally in 1913 came the last name change to what is now known as the New York Yankees.

The franchise took its time when it comes to becoming the most successful baseball team as it wasn’t until 1921 where they had won their first AL Pennant and their first appearance in the World Series where they lost to New York Giants.

The first World Series title came during their third trip to the World Series in 1923 when they defeated the Giants for the first time in three years (the Yankees reached the World Series in 1922 as well, losing to Giants).

And that’s how it all slowly started. The Yankees domination through decades, to date the franchise has won 18 divisional titles, 40 AL Pennants and 27 World Series Championships, all of which are the MLB records.

The Yankees have 44 players and 11 managers that eventually were inducted into National Baseball Hall of Fame. According to the Forbes, in 2013, the franchise was the highest valued sports team in the United States and fourth in the World.

The team’s rivalry with Boston Red Sox is one of the most known rivalries in US sports.

They’re members of East Division and their colours are navy blue, grey and white; the Yankees are one of only three franchises without a mascot although they were represented by pinstriped bird called Dandy at the beginning of the eighties.

Given such a successful team there’s plenty of big names worth mentioning like Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and many others. In total there were 20 league’s MVPs coming from the franchise with Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle winning it three times each.

Yankees players were home run champions staggering 31 times with Babe Ruth grabbing the title 10 times. Most recently it was Mark Teixeura (2009) and Alex Rodriguez (2005, 2007) enjoying the title. Rodriguez was also two time MVP in the same years. With such rich history there is plenty to choose from.

It is worth noting that Yankees had only two 100 loss seasons to nineteen 100 win seasons with their best being 114-48 in 1998 and their last in 2009 with 103-59.

The players and the fans will be hoping for more than a wild card berth from last season but it’ll probably take a better than 87-75 regular season record to achieve that in 2016.

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