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New York Mets moved into their new home, the City Field, in 2009 when its first opened. Those of older generation might feel a bit puzzled when approaching the venue as the facade and the exterior of the ballpark evokes memories of the Ebbets Field with its red bricks and limestone facade.

The stadium can accommodate 42000 spectators who will be definitely impressed by the atmosphere and feel of the inside once they enter through amazing Jackie Robinson rotunda.

New York Mets tickets do offer you not only a game of baseball but loads of amenities inside of the venue as well as some attractions including the famous big apple from Shea Stadium that the franchise replicated in their new venue.

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The franchise came to its life in 1962 as one of four expansion teams. It was a hard start from the go for the Mets as they had to fill in shoes of two great National League franchises in New York that had relocated to West Coast in the fifties. Not to mention fighting for fans and media with American League NY Yankees.

It took the Mets seven years to get to playoffs but the run in 1969 gave them a nickname “Miracle Mets” winning their first NL Pennant and then first World Series Title by beating Baltimore causing a bit of a surprise.

The team was back to winning another NL Pennant and to playing the World Series in 1973 but this time they were defeated by Oakland. Next appearance in World Series came in 1986 and it resulted in second and last to date Championship where the Mets won against Boston.

The Mets can also add two more NL Pennants to their cabinet trophy; they won it in 2000 and 2015 but came shirt handed in the bug series.

The franchise is a member of East Division where they had won six titles, their colours are blue, orange and white and their official mascot is Mr. Met, a man with a large baseball serving for a head. At times he can be seen accompanied by Mrs. Met.

The Mets were the most successful in fielding individual talents through the seventies and eighties with some signs of improvement seen in recent years. Despite never producing an MVP of the league the franchise had five players named Rookie of the Year, most recently, Jacob deGrom in 2014.

One of the most accomplished Mets’ players was Tom Seaver who began collecting awards since his first season in 1967 when he was named the Rookie of the Year, he then added to his collection three CY Young awards for the best pitcher, three ERA championship titles and as it wasn’t enough five Strikeout Championships, making the early seventies a great time to be Mets’ fan.

The franchise had also had their first batting champion in Jose Reyes who accomplished the feat in 2011, nearly 50 years after the franchise began competing.

To date, the Mets have three 100 win seasons with their best being in 1986 with 108-54 records but they also encountered six 100 loss seasons, granted five of them occurred in the first six years of the team’s existence.

New York Mets will be looking towards recovering from their ugly loss in the World Series to the Royals last season and the fans’ expectations will be definitely high.

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