New Orleans Pelicans Tickets

New Orleans Pelicans Tickets

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Opened in 1999 the Smoothie King Centre has been a home to New Orleans Pelicans since the franchise’s inception in 2002. The arena was not in use by the Pelicans in 2005-06 due to hurricane Katrina hitting the city of New Orleans.

Due to being located next to, well known the Superdome and having coped with the hurricane effect’s better than the dome, the Smoothie King Center held medical operations previously staged at the Superdome.

Hence the temporary need for the Pelicans to play somewhere else.

 In 2006 the venue had some improvements done to ribbon display technology housing over 875 feet of ribbon display nicely integrated with eight video screens for those New Orleans Pelicans tickets holders seated further away, so they can enjoy the fast paced action.

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About New Orleans Pelicans

Despite being the youngest NBA franchise New Orleans Pelicans has a bit of shaky history as it started as New Orleans Hornets in 2002 when the Charlotte Hornets’ owner moved the team to New Orleans. It then became temporarily New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets due to hurricane Katrina causing plenty of damage in 2005. The franchise came back to New Orleans in 2007 and in 2013 the franchise’s name changed to New Orleans Pelicans, giving the original city of Charlotte records, history from 1988 to 2002 and the name back to the Charlotte Bobcats a team created after the franchise’s move to New Orleans.

The team has never reached the NBA finals since moving to New Orleans and it managed to win its division one in 2007. The division being Southwest in Western Conference. The team’s colours are navy, gold, red and white and interestingly the team mascot’s head had to be redesigned as initially Pierre the Pelican was frightening some fans.

The Pelicans are coached by Alvin Gentry who has over 30 years of experience as assistant or associate of head coach and in 2015 he was part of the Warriors championship run.

The team’s future is soundly set in Anthony Davis power forward/ center who the franchise has signed to 5 years deal in last off season worth over 140 million dollars. Davis has led the league in blocks in two last seasons, has been to two All-Star games and was also named to All-NBA First Team in 2015. He is also team’s leader in steals as he excels in defensive craft. What makes Davis so dangerous is the fact that he can reliably score points for the team too making him top offensive target for the Pelicans.

To succeed in NBA you got to have at least one more outstanding player on the roster and this role is well filled in by Tyreke Evans who was traded to New Orleans in 2013. Former NBA Rookie of the Year playing at shooting guard/small forward position is contributing the team with decent amount of points scored regularly, a great passing vision making him the team’s assist leader and also a great ability of shooting from behind the three point line. A great versatility complimenting Davis’ leadership. The rest of the team has a good mixture of some talent and experience.

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