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Buy NCAA Tickets Today

The professional leagues might have the best players in given sports but for some purchasing NCAA tickets, for either football or basketball, makes much more sense. Colliegate level sports team provide a great look into what the future of the professional leagues might look like plus the ticket prices are usually more affordable and depend on many factors.

The NCAA Tournaments (especially in basketball) are action packed as opposed to NBA playoffs that might last longer than trip to the Moon and back. There is also plenty of history involved as former college players tend to stay attached to their schools for life while, once in pro leagues the business side can take player from one team to another. Collegiate sports do have plenty of offer for everyone.

About NCAA

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) governs plenty of athlethic programs across the USA and Canada including the basketball and football. The structure of the league is based on divisions with the biggest schools being in division I and the smallest being placed in division III.

There is plenty of tournaments and bowls happening after the regular season so there is always plenty of action to follow.

NCAA Football differs in few areas from the NFL. One of biggest differences is down by contact rule in NFL where the player has to be touched before declared down by contact when a player’s on the ground, whereas in the college as soon as players body (except hands and feet) touches the ground they are down.

It is also for sideline catches to be slightly easier in the ncaa as a player has to have one foot within the bounds for a pass to count as completed to two feet requirement in the NFL.

There no two minute warnings in the NCAA and the overtime rules are different as in NCAA each team is allowed to have one possession and there is no possibility of a game ending in a tie.

NCAA rules allow all plays to be reviewable but the coaches have only one challenge. The hash marks in the NCAA are also wider than in NFL. The NCAA style of game is also more spread system friendly with little pro systems in use which sometimes might cause issues with players transition.

As far as NCAA basketball goes the main differences are the length of the seasons and length of a game. The NBA season sees the teams play 82 games plus possible play offs, while on average the NCAA team will play around 34 games. Given that NCAA game of basketball lasts only 40 (two halves of 20 mins) minutes as opposed to 48 (four quarters of 12 mins) in NBA it’s not hard to see how much time commitment is required for NBA fans to follow their favourite team.

The shot clock in NBA is 24 seconds as opposed to 35 seconds given to NCAA players hence the college games tend to have lower scores and very often will see plenty of defensive strategy.

NCAA has the three point line closer to the basket but at constant distance of 19’9” while the NBA has the three point line set at 23’9” and 22” in the corners.

There are some obvious differences between the NCAA and NBA/NFL leagues but following the college teams gives you moire packed action and a little glimpse in the future of the pro leagues as you get to know the possible future players of the big leagues while they improve their craft in the college.