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There is nothing more electrifying than a game of NBA, where two teams consisting of 5 players each compete in outscoring the opponent’s team.

By purchasing NBA tickets you purchase an entrance to over 2 hours-worth of a show including cheerleaders dances, mascots show offs, challenges set to involve the public like the kiss cam or well, the actual 48 minutes of hard on court fighting for that one ball that every player wants to throw or dunk into opponent’s basket whilst showcasing their incredible athleticism.

And let’s not forget about all those thrilling moments when a team manages to swing win in its direction by one of the players making some crazy last second throw to send the fans exploding in happiness or sadness, depending where the game is played.

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What is NBA?

There are many similar basketball rules across the leagues but there are also some changes like length of the game, in FIBA governed countries is 40 minutes while NBA a full game is 48 minutes split in 4 quarters, NBA are allowed 5 fouls before being thrown out of the game after their 6th one and many others, while FIBA players will be ejected from game after committing their 5th foul.

Basketball is meant to be quite a fluid sport that it’s meant to deliver constant action to the viewer hence there is plenty of time related rules to make sure the game’s tempo is quite fast. For example from the moment a team gains possession of the ball, it has 24 seconds to make an attempt at making a basket if they fail to score then they forfeit the ball to opponents unless their attempt at shooting bounced of the basket and they grabbed an offensive rebound, then the clock resets to another 24 seconds. After gaining possession of the ball in their own half the team has 8 second to move the ball to opponents half otherwise they lose the ball too.

The main ways of moving the ball across the court are dribbling (bouncing off the floor) or passing to teammates and of course making shots at the basket in order to score points. Regular score is worth two points unless it is shot from behind the three line arch marked on the court then it is worth three points. Players can commit many different fouls which can then result in free throws which are worth one point each. The number of free throws depends on foul, if it is shooting foul within the 3 point arch it is worth two free throws if beyond three point arch it is worth three free throws. Blocking fouls initially are worth nothing except possession of the ball unless the opposing team committed certain amount of fouls in quarter then all fouls award the free throws. It is sometimes complicated as with all the sports but it is not very noticeable as the games do flow rather smoothly through most of the 48 minutes period. One other important rule is called travelling and happens when a player moves his feet illegally (for example a player is not allowed to make more than two steps with the ball after having its possession or attempting a jump shot and landing back without releasing the ball).

Enforcing rules should be left to the referees though and as fans, people should enjoy the explosive dunks making the basket shake, flashy passes making the audience gasp in awe or those thrilling shots made after the game clock wound to zeros but the ball is still in the air… Will it go in or will it bounce off? You won’t find out unless you stay through the duration of all the game.