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Isn’t it exciting to see how the nature wakes up from its long winter sleep? The days become longer, the Sun stays above our heads longer and the Major League Baseball starts in April and now all of sudden you don’t have to be stuck at home.

You can go out get some MLB tickets for your favourite team go to their ballpark and enjoy plenty of action within the average 3 hours that takes to complete a game of baseball where sometimes a split second decision or reaction decides about who gets to go home victorious and who has the bitter taste of losing in their mouth.

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The game of baseball is played by two teams, with each team having nine innings to try to score runs that counts towards the total giving a win for the team with more at the end.

The batting team sends one player who attempts to hit the ball thus allowing him to run to next base. The pitching team sends out 9 players that try to prevent the opposite team from scoring by getting three-outs which means that three batters are out. There are many ways of getting an out, one of the most spectacular ones is to catch a ball in mid-air while it still didn’t touch the ground after being successfully hit by the batter.

One of the players from pitching team known as pitcher stands at the pitching mound and throws a ball towards a batter who tries to put the ball into play by hitting it inside the foul lines (the ball must pass in front of third or first base and land inside the foul lines) and then running to the first base (unless he thinks he run to second or further). He then becomes a runner and next batter takes his place.

A run is scored when a runner reaches home base having first touched the first, second and third base and at the end reaching the home base. There can only be one runner at each base at any time.

If hitter manages to strike the ball over the outfield wall then it becomes a home run and every runner on a base automatically moves to home base.

After the fielding team forces three outs the offenses/defences swap and they become the batting team. The custom rule is that the home team always bats second.

If after nine innings the game is tied, the tenth inning is played fully(both teams get to bat and pitch), if the game still remains tied then the 11th inning is played, and 12th until one team gets the winning score as there are no ties in baseball.

As with any sport, there’s plenty of rules and regulations but for an average spectator it is best to enjoy the fast thrown balls while anticipating the home run hit.

The beginnings of MLB remain quite foggy but the league was officially founded in 1903 and since then it had gone through many changes which include joining of the American League and National League that happened in 2000.

Currently the MLB consist of 30 teams that are split in 6 divisions, three for American League with AL East, AL Central and AL West and National League with NL West, NL Central and NL East.

Each team plays whooping 162 games in regular season and usually faces the same opponent few times in straight games. The league schedule make sure the teams play every other team in their leagues including some amount of games out of the league known as the interleague play.

Winners of each division qualify automatically for Playoffs and two best teams from each league play in single elimination wildcard game, the winner advances to divisional round.

The division series is best of five, winners advance to league championship series that is decided on the best of seven results. Winner of each league championship series (American and National) meet each other in what is known as the World Series, best of seven contest that decides the championship of baseball for that season.

Let the games begin already!