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Minnesota Twins Tickets

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Minnesota Twins had had quite a few venues they called home but until Target Field opened in 2010 they never played in stadium built purposely for their existence.

One of the centre piece of the place is Target Plaza which remains one of the most common place of Twins fans gatherings. The plaza features 1500 pound bronze glove and player statues.

Minnesota Twins tickets owners will be pleased to know that each of the just over 39000 seats offers a great view allowing fans never to miss a single pitch. To top it off from anywhere in the ballpark fans can enjoy stunning view of downtown Minnesota.

Once the home team hits the home run there’s a great little feature of Twins characters, Minnie and Paul to light up.

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About Minnesota Twins

The franchise was founded in 1901 as one of the eight original teams of American League. They were named Washington Nationals but some would call them Senators, it seemed the ownership was trying to find the team’s identity while fans carried on with the teams tradition established a bit earlier in 1899 while in National League. Regardless the franchise struggled through most of its time in Washington winning three AL Pennants between 1924 and 1933 and clinching one World Series title in 1924 against New York Giants.

When the MLB granted the city of Minnesota their baseball team, that’s where the Senators headed in 196

The team was named Minnesota Twins and they didn’t have to wait long for some signs of success coming their way. The Twins captured their first AL Pennant (since the move) in 1965 while also accomplishing their only 100 wins season with 102-60 record.

More success came to the franchise in the eighties and nineties when the Twain’s capture two more AL Pennants for a total of 6 in history of the franchise and both of them led them to successful World Series where they dispatched St. Louis and Atlanta in 1987 and 1991 respectively.

To their total of three World Championships one can also add four West Division titles and six Central Division titles from where they are currently located since 1994.

The team’s colours are navy blue, scarlet red, Minnesota kasota gold and white and their official mascot is T. C. Bear.

Throughout the team’s history, including the one of Washington the franchise fielded 19 Batting Champions with Rod Carew winning the award seven times including 6 consecutive titles from 1971-78.

The Senators also enjoyed one if the most dominant pitcher in Walter Johnson who led the league in Strikeouts for twelve seasons including 8 consecutive years from 1912-1919. The tradition carried over in Minnesota as the added another seven Strikeout Champions for a total of 20 in the history of the club.

Minnesota Twins also generated five MVPs through their history and three CY Young winners with Johan Santana grabbing the award twice.

The Twins have one 100 wins and 100 loss seasons; while in Washington the team had no 100 wins seasons to five 100 loss seasons.

The team’s fans and players will be looking towards building upon their last season record of 83-79 and trying to challenge for a playoff spot in the coming 2016 season.

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