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Miami Marlins started a new chapter in their journey through MLB in 2012 when they moved to their brand new home, Marlins Park. The ballpark is able to accommodate over 37000 fans within its modern design and features.

Miami Marlins tickets holders will be pleased to know that the newest addition to MLB stadiums has a retractable roof that will prevent many games delays due to raining or simply the unease of watching and playing the game in such conditions.

The venue will be the second in MLB with a swimming pool to encourage the part style but the best feature of the stadium must be a colourful structure featuring moving waves, spinning marlins, seagulls and flamingos anytime Marilyn’s player hits a home run. Look out for it left centre field behind outfield.

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About Miami Marlins

Florida Marlins was established in 1993 as one of the expansion teams and it wasn’t until 2012 and their move to brand new stadium that the name change occurred to what we now know as Miami Marlins.

The franchise, despite its young age is already a well decorated one, and it is known for its extraordinary post season performances.

In 1997 the Marlins became the youngest ever MLB team to win the World Series which they did after securing wild card berth, thus making it the first wild card team in the league history to win it all.

Unfortunately, they also became the first team to lose 100 games the season after winning Championship. It occurred due to team’s saving money rush by cutting players activity that offseason.

In 2003 the franchise earned its second (and last one too) wild card berth and in another run of peculiarities during their games they went all the way to the top where they defeated the Yankees for their second World Series Title. The franchise is a perfect 6-0 in postseason meaning every time they got in, they won it all.

To summarise, two NL Pennants, two World Series Championships and zero division titles. How extraordinary!

The Marlins are members of East Division and they are the only team in the division without a division championship in their pockets. Their colours are black, red-orange, yellow, blue and white and their official mascot is an eight foot tall Billy the Marlin.

Despite the team’s successes as a group the Marlins haven’t produced a lot of big names, more probably due to their tactic of trading for new talent while managing salaries well, but there is few players that wrote their names into the history books.

There were four Rookies of the Year in the history of the franchise, three while team was known as Florida and one while the team was renamed to Miami.

Giancarlo Stanton is the Marlins only Home Run Champion which he won in 2014 season; and Dee Gordon is most recent Batting Champion of the league, making him only the second one in the history of the club.

The Marlins are yet to learn how to create players able to win CY Young Award or MVP award but given their fairly short existence there’s it time to achieve much more.

Another feat the franchise would appreciate reaching is the 100 win season as it still eludes them, while they already have two 100 loss seasons, one under each name.

The fans will be hoping for a bit more this coming season as 71-91 record from 2015 isn’t enough for a wild card berth, and the history shows that’s all what the Marlins need.

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