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Sun Life Stadium has been a very busy place hosting five Super Bowls, two World series (baseball championship games), Pro Bowl and it has also been hosting the Orange Bowl game (college football game, one of the oldest tournament games). It might appear that tickets for Miami Dolphins games could be hard to come by but with the capacity of 65000, there sure enough should be few tickets left.
The stadium never meant to be a multi-purpose one but it had to be renovated to accommodate a baseball franchise that started its life in Miami in 1990.

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About Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins joined the American Football League as an expansion team in 1966 and since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970 Dolphins were members of AFC division which they share with the Bills, Patriots and Jets.

Dolphins won two league championships, Super Bowl VII and VIII. They also appeared in the Super Bowl one year earlier but lost to Cowboys. During the first Super Bowl run the franchise had managed to achieve NFL’s only “Perfect Season” winning its all regular season games, both playoff games and also the most important game of that season. They have also became the first team to appear in three consecutive Super Bowls in the history of the league. Dolphins also played in later Super Bowls (XVII and XIX) losing both contests.

The team’s colours are Aqua, Orange, White and Blue and the Mascot is T.D. a dolphin, whose name is short for TouchDown.

The team has been in recent turmoil due to some underachieving and their coach, Dan Campbell is in temporary function at the moment. He has a Super Bowl ring who he won as a tight end, playing for the Saints.

Miami’s quarterback is Ryan Tannehill, who has been picked by the Dolphins in 2012 Draft with 8 overall pick. Since then Tannehill already managed to write his name into NFL books by posting 64th “Perfect Game” in NFL history (accomplishment given to quarterback achieving perfect passing rating during a football game) and also posting NFL record of 25 consecutive completions.

There isn’t many big names on the offensive side of the roster but Dolphins do hope their recent draft picks; Jarvis Landry (2014 draft) and DeVante Parker (2015 draft) will turn out to be the playmaking wide receivers that the team can move forward with and will provide plenty of throwing opportunities to their franchise quarterback.

Defensively the team has one of the most disruptive defensive linemen in the NFL, Ndamukong Suh who they have signed to record contract for a defensive lineman of nearly 115 million dollars. Suh has been, a well decorated for his on field achievements player, he won Rookie of the Year award, have been chosen to Pro Bowl four times in his first five years in the league and he ranked in top 100 players for past five years, never been listed lower than 51st. He is a force to be reckoned with at the line of the scrimmage.

The franchise also has a very bright presence in the secondary in person of Brent Grimes, a cornerback with plenty of experience who has been voted to a Pro Bowl three times, had been chosen to be Defensive Back of the Year in 2011 and also team’s MVP in 2013.

Dolphins are more of a collective effort than big names with monstrous defensive line and quickly rising offense and will be main competitor in the AFC for years to come.

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