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Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets

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Los Angeles Dodgers play their home games in the third oldest ballpark in the MLB, Dodger Stadium. The venue opened in 1962 and still is to date the largest MLB stadium by seat capacity that stands at 56000.

The venue is loved by pitchers as there was 12 no hitters, including two perfect games recorded at the stadium.

Los Angeles Dodgers tickets get you an entrance to plenty of history of sports as the stadium has even hosted exhibition baseball during the 1984 Summer Olympics. It also hosted a soccer tournament and an NHL Stadium Series game between the local Kings and Ducks.

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About Los Angeles Dodgers

The franchise has its roots in Brooklyn where it was established in 1883 as Brooklyn Atlantics playing in minor leagues. Through the years the franchise had many names but it entered the National League as Brooklyn Grooms in 1890. The team had remained in Brooklyn until 1957 when, then Brooklyn Dodgers relocated to Los Angeles becoming the LA Dodgers in 1958.

During the team’s campaign in Brooklyn they had won two World Championships titles and had amassed 12 NL Pennants and one AA Pennant in 1889.

Since the franchise moved to Los Angeles converting NL Pennants into World Series titles became much more efficient as out of 9 NL Pennants the franchise brought five World Series Titles with their last one in 1988 against Oakland.

The Dodgers are members of West Division and they had claimed its title 14 times making them clear leaders of that division. Their team’s colour are dodger blue and white and the team is not represented by an official mascot.

It is worth noting that the Dodgers were the first to brake colour barrier with Jackie Robinson, they were the first baseball team to move to west coast, had televised the first game (at Ebbets Field in 1939) and introduced batting helmets to the game in 1941.

With such a long well decorated history it’d be really hard to mention most of their prominent players or successes other than championships but there is definitely few worth pointing out, especially that the franchise has two prominent periods in their history but if we inky look at the Los Angeles based team we can see that historically the Dodgers are very good with drafting a great talent as they had 12 players to be honoured with Rookie of the Year title.

They were also good at choosing and developing their pitchers as two of their players won the CY Young award multiple times including Sandy Koufax thee titles in the sixties and Clayton Kershaw more recently in 2011 and 2014.

Add five MVP of the league and one can see that personal success can well transfer onto teams’ success if matters fall in place at a right time.

Clayton Kershaw is definitely a player the franchise wants to build around as he can also add awards in the categories of MVP and four consecutive titles as ERA Champion from 2011 to 2014, only to lose the 2015 to his teammate, Zack Greinke.

Dodgers had never encountered 100 loss season (while based in LA) and had 2 100 win seasons, the last one in 1974 with 102-60 record being their best.

The fans and the players will be definitely looking to build upon 92-70 regular season record and playoff spot in 2015 when looking at starting their 2016 campaign.

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