Los Angeles Clippers Tickets

Los Angeles Clippers Tickets

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Los Angeles Clippers play their home games in Staples Center, an arena which they share with quite few other professional teams including the rival, Los Angeles Lakers. The venue is the only NBA venue shared between two NBA teams. Staples Center has nearly 4 million visitors each year and host plenty of different events including Grammy Awards for which it has been the home since 2004, having it hosted for two years previously in 2000-02.

There is slightly more tickets for Los Angeles Clippers than Lakers due to some configuration changes between the teams. Outside the arena there is Star Plaza where people can find seven statues of famous sportsmen who left their mark on the city and the venue.

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About Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers were founded in 1970 as Buffalo Braves as one of three expansion teams to join NBA that year. The franchise then moved to San Diego in 1978 and became known as San Diego Clippers, eventually in 1984 the Clippers made their last move, this time to Los Angeles.

For many years the Clippers were a team without much success and were very often unfavourably compared to their rival team Lakers that was much more successful but the fortunes started to change in early 2010s.

The franchise is member of Pacific Division in Western Conference that produced 14 championship teams during its existence. The most successful one being Lakers who claimed its crown 23 times. The Clippers had won it twice in 2013 and 2014. The team’s colours are red, blue, black, gray and white and they do not have an official mascot to represent the franchise.

At the team’s driving seat is head coach and the franchise’s president, former player Doc Rivers, the 1998 NBA All-Star played as point guard and since 1999 he has been coaching in NBA claiming NBA Coach of the Year award in 2000 with Magic and NBA championship in 2008 with the Celtics. He joined the Clippers in 2013.

The Clippers’ success in recent years can be attributed to the team acquiring their trio of valuable players in Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. Griffin, a high scoring power forward, joined the Clippers in 2009 as an overall pick number 1 in that year’s draft. He’s been named NBA Rookie of the Year and also won Slum Dunk Contest, both in 2011 as a rookie, missing his real rookie season due to an injury. He’s played in five NBA All-Star games and is franchise’s record holder of double-doubles posted in a season.

Paul had also been named Rookie of the Year, an honour he achieved in 2006, he led the NBA in assist four seasons as well as leading the league in steals 6 seasons. He joined the Clippers in 2011 after playing for several years in New Orleans and carried on improving his versatile craft. He’s been named NBA All-Star Game MVP in 2013 the year he’s also started serving as NB Players Association president. He also is two gold Olympic medallist.

Last important piece in the team is Jordan who was selected in second round of 2008 draft by the team and who has been slowly improving his craft that led him to becoming NBA rebounding leader in last two seasons. He’s also the current iron man leader for consecutive games played in the league.

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