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Angel Stadium of Anaheim or The Big A as it is referred to by fans opened in 1966 making it the fourth oldest in the MLB. It is the home of Los Angeles Angeles who had to share the stadium for 14 years with the NFL LA Rams between 1980 and 1994, nearly causing the franchise to build a new venue which was avoided by the Rams moving out.

The stadium has the look and feel of all the other retro parks built within the past 20 years and Los Angeles Angeles ticket buyers can rest well knowing the venue has all the modern amenities a baseball fan can desire nowadays.

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About Los Angeles Angels

The franchise came to life in 1961 as the Los Angeles Angels. It wasn’t until they moved to their new stadium in 1966 that the team was renamed California Angels for 30 years. Then the team was sold to Walt Disney Company in 1997, renamed to Anaheim Angeles and in 2002 won their only World Series Title by defeating the Giants.

The franchise was sold again, in 2005 which resulted in another change of the name to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, though the Anaheim reference is usually omitted.

Since winning the World Series the franchise was on a crazy rollercoaster of wins, huge losses, crazy comebacks making the life of the team’s fans everything but dull.

The Angels are members of West Division in American League and they’re the second most successful team here with 9 divisional titles, only behind the Oakland Athletics with 16. The team’s colours are red, navy blue, white and silver and the franchise is not represented by an official mascot despite quite a good reception of their unofficial mascot, the Rally Monkey that debuted in 2000.

The Angeles had initially many seasons of disappointments, close loses, nearly missed out on AL Pennants so there isn’t many big names the franchise’s history for them to brag about, but for 8 consecutive years from 1972 to 1979 the Angeles player was named the Strikeout Champion. Nolan Ryan had 7 titles and his run got only broken in 1975 by a team mate, Frank Tanana. Jered Weaver added another title in 2010 to make it total of 9 for the franchise.

There had been three MVPs in the team’s history. Most recently Mike Trout won that award in 2014, joining Don’t Baylor (1979) and Vladimir Guerrero (2004).

Mike Trout was also named the Rookie of the Year in 2012 thus becoming the only second player in the franchise to win that award along 1993’s winner, Tim Salmon.

The Angels are one of only seven franchises to never record 100 loss season in the expansion era; the Angels and Rockies are thus the only ones to never have had one.

On the other end the Angels managed to accomplish one 100 wins season in their history which happened in 2008 when they recorded 100-62 season.

The franchise’s fans will be counting on their team to make it to the playoffs after missing out last season with a regular season record of 85-77 which was just one game away from reaching the berth.

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