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Golden State Warriors Tickets

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Oracle Arena, the home of Golden State Warriors is the oldest arena amongst all NBA arenas. Opened in 1966 it served as home for the Warriors for a year after which the team played their games elsewhere coming back to the venue in 1971 and playing their home games there ever since excluding season 96-97 when the venue was undergoing some major renovations.

Tickets for Golden State Warriors games have been a hot commodity in recent years as the fans had been establishing records of over 20500 fans watching the Warriors’ games despite the arena’s capacity being listed at just over 19500, making it the largest NBA arena in California.

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About Golden State Warriors

The franchise started its journey on eastern side of the country when in 1946 they were founded as Philadelphia Warriors and they won 1947 BAA championship which is now considered the first NBA championship.

The success on the east coast carried on with the team making finals twice more in 1948 and 1956 winning once more in ‘56; after which the Warriors moved to Western Conference in 1962 becoming San Diego Warriors reaching NBA finals two times in that period.

In 1971 the team changed its geographical name to Golden State Warriors and in 1975 they won their third title and then some struggles began. It was not until 2015 when the franchise appeared again in the NBA finals, winning and thus giving the team its fourth title.

The team is a member of Pacific Division of Western Conference and they have won this division three times. Their colours are royal blue, California golden yellow and white and they are not represented by an official mascot.

Steve Kerr is the team’s head coach. It’s his first head coaching job after a successful career as NBA player, five times NBA champion, three point specialist and also a gold medallist for the team USA in 1986. Kerr holds NBA record of three point percentage success over a career with 45.4% for any player with at least 2000 shots attempted.

As a coach despite his short tenure he’s already been successful, breaking the record for most regular season wins as a rookie coach and winning NBA title as a coach too.

The franchise’s face is Stephen Curry, well known three points specialist point guard who was named NBA MVP in 2015 during the season when he also earned his first championship ring with the Warriors. He’s the NBA record holder in the most three point shots made in a single season he also is NBA Three-Point Shootout champion from 2015.

As if one three point specialist wasn’t enough the Warriors have Klay Thompson, a shooting guard who jointly with Curry set NBA record with 484 combined three pointers in a season as a pair, earning them the nickname “Splash Brothers”.

Andre Iguodala, the NBA Finals MVP in 2015 provides the splashy duo with some experience and a defensive set of skills to go with the highly explosive offence. Iguodala joined the team in 2013 and since 2014 he was mostly utilised more as a sixth man after having started for 800 games in his career earlier.

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