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About Trans-Siberian Orchestra

What is the modern music famous for? Are there any innovations? What do the artists do in order to gain more success and fans? Well, it is very important for new bands and singers to find out how to make their music special, because the modern society has already experienced a lot of music styles and it is already fed up with traditional performances. Meet Trans-Siberian Orchestra! It is the music unity that has changed the imagination of all people about music. This is a progressive rock band that was formed in the United States in 1996 by Paul O’Neill, Jon Oliva and Al Pitrelli. So what makes this orchestra be so adorable? The main reason is that it combines metal rock style with classic music. This symphonic rock has been never heard before. At the beginning of the career it is strange for people to get used to that new music style, but soon they understood that there is something very special and unique. It is worth saying that the main topic of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s music is Christmas songs. All of you must know these lovely songs that can be heard on streets during the holidays. The rock orchestra decided to bright some new style to it. The band consists from 14 vocalists and 26 musicians who play different music instruments. Each concert of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a real show! Every time there are bright lights, movie screens lasers and other lighting techniques. People get astonished with the scales of the concerts. There are some rock operas that were released by Trans-Siberian Orchestra; among them are: The Christmas Attic, Night Castle, Christmas Eve and Other Stories and Beethoven’s Last Night. Now the orchestra is occupied with giving concerts in different part of the world. This rock orchestra is a new format and style of music. It may be disliked by some, but appreciated by others. But the most important thing is that there are a lot of fans who like going to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s concerts. During the concerts people get so much pleasure, so much enjoyment! The rock orchestra has already given concerts in many cities of the United States, but also visited European countries. They gave the opportunity to people in many part of the planet to listen to Christmas fairy tales in rock style. Would you like to enjoy such music as well?

The Ghosts of Christmas Eve

The Ghosts of Christmas Eve,

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