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About Quartet For The End Of Time

Quartet For The End Of Time is translated from the French language; in original the name of the band is Quatuor pour la fin du temps. It was founded by a well known French composer Olivier Messiaen. The band appeared on the stage for the first time in 1942 and lasted for almost one hour. The audience could enjoy the sound of different musical instruments, such as cello, clarinet, piano and violin. The members of Quartet For The End Of Time met when they were in the army during the World War; they showed to each other the musical abilities and talents; soon they started writing music and tried to perform some songs together. The debut performance of the Quartet For The End Of Time was in the camp; there were about 400 people: prisoners and the guard. But all of them said they had never heard something of the kind. It was necessary to provide isolation in order the music wouldn’t be heard outdoors – everything was done perfect. Today Quartet For The End Of Time is still popular; many people know that this music band was the one during the war and helped prisoners to have little fun and forget about the worries. Till now there are many people in the concert hall at the performance of Quartet For The End Of Time.

Quartet For The End Of Time Concert


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