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About Judas Priest

Do you a fan of metal and rock music? Do you usually listen to such music? If your answer is yes, so you will love this band for sure. Judas Priest – here are they! They are one of the most popular rock bands on the English stage ever. Judas Priest started its career in Birmingham and in short time it already was known all over the world. What made the band to be so famous? Do their music was so unique that made people be real fans of the Judas Priest? Well, the band appeared in 1969 – rock music was something new for people, as they never could express themselves so avowedly; metal rock is the style of music that shout about problems, scream about problems and express the inside of a person; the inside that had been hidden for many-many years. People could easily understand the massage Judas Priest wanted them to catch. Moreover, the rock band influenced not only on people’s mind, but also on all rock music in future. You would ask, why have the musicians chosen Judas Priest to name their band? Remember «The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest» by Bob Dylan – it will be the answer. In 1974 the members of Judas Priest went abroad for the first time for giving concerts in Holland and Germany. When they were in Norway, one well known record group suggested making a contract – the cooperation with Gull was the opportunity to record the first album. During 1975 – 1977 the band was touring throughout the United Stated. The American people enjoyed the new style of music that was unfamiliar for them till that time. Now Judas Priest understood they have won the admiration of the whole world. Their activity wasn’t criticized even when a wave of protests against metal music rose in Great Britain – they have stayed loved my majority. Have you ever been to Judas Priest concert? Have you ever felt the atmosphere in the hall where the musicians play and sing? If not, you have to try it. The rock band usually goes on tour all over Europe and visit the United States. They remind people about old days by performing ballads and well known rock songs. We are sure that you will enjoy the time. Do you think there still will be a chance to take part in this incredible event? Don’t miss your luck and order a ticket now.

Redeemer of Souls Tour

Redeemer of Souls Tour,

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