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About Janet Jackson

When talking about the Jackson’s family, there are many associations with this surname. But let us introduce Janet Jackson to you, who is the youngest child in the famous family. Janet is a person with a God given talent; she is adored by many fans in America and other countries all over the world. In 1982 she began working with A & M records that her father helped to get; and very soon she became the pop icon of the American society. At the beginning some were criticizing her art, but others thought she was making a revolution in the world of music. Pop music is the kind of music that the Americans appreciate most of all, and Janet caught the idea and made her mind up to amaze her listeners by bright compositions. Blues, rap, disco, funk are the styles that Jackson unites and uses in her songs. She doesn’t follow the traditionally style and rules; she creates her own and wins the popularity among other musicians. What is innovative in Janet’s work? Besides singing popular and energetic songs, she impresses the audience by original choreography; her moves were considered as too sexual but her fans supported her. Janet is not afraid of critics and people’s opinion; she does what she likes – this is her main goal. After the contract with Virgin records Janet Jackson has become one of the most well paid singers. Beside her musical career, Janet takes part also on TV. There were some TV shows and programs where she played her role. Actually in 1967 the television series The Jacksons was her first experience. But soon other opportunities appeared, as “Good times” and “Fame”. In 2010 she got into the “Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Artists of the Past 25 Years”. It was a huge success of the young lady. A lot of people in the United States, Europe and Asia are big fans of Janet Jackson; all of them dream about going to her concert and spending time near the stage Janet appear before footlights. are you among them? Surely, you are. So why to wait for it? This is your chance to get a ticket for Janet Jackson’s concert and be impresses by her activeness and bright performances on big stage. We are sure that you have never seen something of the kind. The popular singer knows how to make the audience sing and dance with her. Nobody will leave the hall unemotional.

Janet Jackson Unbreakable World Tour

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