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About Grimes

Grimes is a young girl who is a talented musician who comes from Canada; she has a great command of music, as she both writes songs and performs them. She began working with music when Grimes was a student at McGill University. In 2010 Grimes singed with Arbutus and immediately released the first two albums: “Geidi Primes” and “Halfaxa”. But already on the next year Grimes singed with the record company 4AD. Soon the third music album “Vision” was published; the singles “Genesis” and “Oblivion” were considered to be the most impressive songs and album of the year. In 2013 Grimes received Webby awards for the artist of the year. According to The New York Times Grimes got the Juno award for the Electronic album of the year. In 2015 the last album of Grimes was released “Art angels”. This album includes songs which got into the top of all Canadian and American charts. It is worth mentioning that Grimes makes songs and perform them is different music style, such as electro, pop, hip hop, R ‘n’ B, medieval music and others. Moreover, the young lady plays on many musical instruments: keyboards, guitar, piano, drums, violin, ukulele and synthesizer. Grimes says that these artists influenced on het taste in music: Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson, Christina Aguilera, Swans, Dandi wind, Lana Del Rey, Drake. Besides, she also mentioned Japanese musicians and video game music.

Grimes Tickets 2015 Tour

2015 Tour,

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