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Comerica Park is the home for Detroit Tigers who moved here in 2000 when the ballpark had opened its gates to the public. The venue capable of seating just over 41500 replaced the fan favourite Tiger Stadium.

Detroit Tigers tickets owners won’t get disappointed with the amount of entertainment throughout the game of baseball as there’s plenty of surprises hidden through the venue including 8 heroic-sized tiger statues that eyes light up whenever the home team wins or gets a home run.

The venue also displays statues of all the players who had their number retired by the Tigers. You also get a Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round or you can just walk around checking out the views from different spots of the stadium.

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Detroit Tigers’ roots come all the way from the 19th century when the team played in Western League since 1894. The franchise is one of the AL eight charter teams and they remain the oldest one-name, one-city franchise in the AL.

The franchise needed quite a long time to win its first title despite appearing in three World Wide series early from 1907 to 1909. It took all the way to 1935 to clinch their first championship which was their fifth appearance in the World Series. Overall the Tigers has won four World Series Titles, their last in 1984 against San Diego. They appeared in 2 more World Series since their last title as the AL Pennant winners the last one occurring in 2012, giving them total of 11 AL Pennants. Add to it 7 divisional titles three coming from East Division and another 4 from their current Central Division and the people of Detroit can’t complain about lack of their team’s success.

The team’s colours are navy blue, orange and white and the franchise official mascot since 1995 has been Paws, a Detroit native Tiger wearing jersey no 00.

Their most known and accomplished player must be Ty Cobb who still holds the highest average batting in the league history, he has the most batting championships which includes the most consecutive batting titles with 9 in a row and total of 12 titles but he is not the only batting champion within the franchise as the Tigers do really seem to have an eye for batters since the last title won by Cobb there was another 15 of these trophies heading to Detroit’s 9 more players including four titles by Heilmann in the twenties and Cabrera in last five seasons between 2011-2015.

Cabrera is also two time league MVP who won the award two years running, but he isn’t only multiple MLB MVP among the Tigers as Hank Greenberg and Half Newhouser achieved that feat too.

There’s also been plenty of other skilled and awarded players through the team’s history and most recently Justin Verlander’s name is also worth mentioning next to Cabrera’s as he had been the Strikeout Champion three times between 2009 and 2014.

Detroit Tigers had 5 100 wins season (6 100 loss seasons in comparison) and their last one in 1984 was also their best with 104-58. On the other side their worst season from the group of 100 loss season was also their last one, in 2003 when they posted shocking 43-119. But the present remains a brighter subject and the Detroit Tigers will be looking to leave their last place in Central Division they managed last season with 74-87 record. There’s plenty of baseball to be played.

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