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Sports Authority Field at Mile High or commonly known as Mile High Stadium is a home of Denver Broncos and it lies one mile above the sea level which is referenced in the name and around the stadium.

Denver Broncos tickets might be a highly desired commodity as the stadium has sold out every home game since it first opened.

There’s a great atmosphere and culture carried from the previous venue where the fans chant “in-com-plete” every time opposing team’s quarterback misses his pass.

Another nice touch is when the announcer will announce the actually game attendance and if the total of people who didn’t show up is above thousand, Broncos fans will boo loudly. It’s not an indication of not a sell-out, just people with tickets not showing up.

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About Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos established in 1960 and during that time they reached the Super Bowl 7 times, only twice coming out victorious in 1997 and ‘98 when the team’s quarterback was John Elway, current general manager of the franchise.

Broncos are members of AFC West division and their main rivals are Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs. In recent years due to the team signing of Peyton Manning, Broncos have also a fiery competition against Patriots.

The team’s colours are Orange, Navy Blue and White. The franchise has two mascots, Miles and Thunder II that is a live horse.

Last off season Broncos signed Gary Kubiak who has taken part in 6 Super Bowls, losing three as a Bronco’s player and winning three as assistant/coordinator for 49ers and Broncos.

Denver hope that Kubiak will be able to aid Peyton Manning to his second Super Bowl ring at the dusk of his career.

Broncos quarterback, Manning joined the team in 2012 and has helped them to reach the Super Bowl once. He also was the driving force of franchise’s offensive records in 2013. Peyton has changed the way position of quarterback is played and has beaten many NFL records.

Manning can count on capable hand of his wide receivers, Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

Demaryius has been to 3 Pro Bowl in appreciation of his skills and abilities as a wide receiver. There is still room for growth and some records to beat by him.

Emmanuel joined Broncos in 2014 which resulted in his first nomination for a Pro Bowl.

Historically teams led by Manning were offensively focused but this year the team’s biggest strength is defence with plenty of contributors in the team’s line up.

Cornerbacks, Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr are set to be Bronco’s most stingy pair of corners for years to come. Both very skilled with room to grow are already recognised as one of the elite coverage players.

But there’s even a stronger and scarier pair on the roster and it lies on outside line-backer spot. Two excellent pass rushers are sure to be feared by opposing quarterbacks.

DeMarcus Ware brings 8 Pro Bowls honours and years of experience to the table not to mention over 100 sacks he recorded during his career.

Von Miller, drafted by Broncos in first round in 2011 has been to 3 Pro Bowl already and looking at his pace it won’t take him long to break the 100 sack mark in his career.

These 4 defensive players are sure bet to make some eye catching highlights as well as change dramatically the outcome of many Bronco’s games. The time for Broncos is now!

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