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The Dawg Pound is one of the most noticeable sections amongst the stadiums across the NFL and it finds its place at FirstEnergy Stadium where most loyal, and most colourful fans of Cleveland Browns find themselves on Sundays during the game. Buying tickets for Cleveland Browns might be hard as fans of the team appear to be most loyal fans according to a study conducted some time ago. Despite not so great results by Cleveland Browns, their fans still turn up, be it a rain, snow, sunshine or thunderstorm.

Opened in 1999 the stadium can embrace over 65000 hungry for their team’s win fans in any weather.

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About Cleveland Browns Team

Cleveland Browns was conceived in 1946 and was part of many divisions during the time while the NFL was shaping its current build. There was a 3 years gap (1996-98) where the franchise suspended its operations.

Browns were very successful early in its life winning 4 league championships in fifties and sixties.

Unfortunately after the AFL- NFL merger the team has never managed to even reach the Super Bowl and the fans might still need some patience as the team seems to be in a rebuilding mode.

The team’s colours are Brown, Orange and White and the mascot is Chomps. The Browns are the only team in the NFL which doesn’t have a helmet logo. Instead the logo-less helmet is used as the team’s official logo.

The franchise belongs to AFC North division and has a long history of heated rivalries with its divisional foes, Steelers, Ravens and Bengals.

The team is led by Mike Pettine who played as a free safety and who then worked in many different organizations mainly on a defensive side of action. He became Brown’s coach in 2014.

The most notable players on Brown’s offense are its line men, namely Alex Mack, two time Pro Bowler centre with 7 years of experience and high quality play and Joe Thomas, an 8 time Pro Bowler, (the only lineman in NFL history to reach that honour and he has been chosen every season he played), left tackle who’s regarded as one of the elite linemen in the league.

Cleveland Browns do have some young and exciting talent on their roster but unfortunately these talented players (Josh Gordon- wide receiver and Johnny Manziel- quarterback) are also a bit of difficult to handle outside of the football pitch and do make for some controversial headlines in the media. Hopefully the coaching team can be relied on in helping these young, troubled men to help them sort their issues out.

Luckily the defensive side appears solid and features some talented studs, especially Joe Haven, still developing cornerback who has already made a name for himself and earned Pro Bowl honours twice and with plenty of potential to showcase in coming years.

Paul Kruger’s experience as a Super Bowl champion (with Ravens) is definitely a major bonus to Brown’s locker room and the talented outside line-backer had one of his best seasons of his career with the team last year.

While Cleveland Browns don’t have a lot to show for in recent years in terms of records this franchise has its loyal fans making The Dawg Pound a scary place for outsiders, and some youth to watch for in coming years.

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