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Chicago White Sox Tickets

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US Cellular Field has opened in 1991 and since then it has been the home of Chicago White Sox. Despite the fairly young age of the venue there is still plenty of retro feel around as the owners wanted to attract more old-fashioned type of fans.

And it is worth it as Chicago White Sox tickets owners can enjoy a game of baseball in a very big and comfortable venue with many great spots that allow the fans to follow their favourite bit of action.

And for those who don’t mind losing a bit of action here and there, the walk around the outfield concourse might be the best bet where the statues of White Sox great players are located for people to enjoy the tour of the history.

The top spot in the summer has to be the Rain Room where people can cool off under a lovely cool mist that is there to relieve the bother of hot summer days.

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About Chicago White Sox

Founded in 1900 as the Chicago White Stockings the franchise enjoyed early success in the first 20 years of the league winning four AL Pennants that led them to winning two World Series Titles.

Then the nightmare of 1919 came when after reaching another World Series, some White Sox players decided to fix the games against the Reds with gamblers and losing the title on purpose. All of those found guilty were banned for life from playing in the league and the event was named Black Sox Scandal.

The franchise then went onto 88 years championship drought with only one appearance in the World Series after winning their fifth AL Pennant but losing the World Series to the Dodgers.

The White Sox fans had to wait until 2005 for another chance at the World Series and this time the franchise finally won and lifted the Black Six curse when playing against Houston.

The team’s colours are black, silver and white and since 1994 the team has been a member of Central Division (previously they were aligned in West Division) where they claimed three divisional titles giving the total of five through the life of the franchise.

The team’s official mascot is Southpaw a green lovable creature.

With the team such long history there is plenty of moments to remember, and definitely plenty of memorable players had the privilege to play for the White Sox some of them like Dick Allen, the league’s MVP in 1972, also a Home Run Champion, twice in 1972 and ‘74.

One mustn’t forget Frank Thomas who claimed the MVP trophy twice in consecutive years 1992 and 93 who also was Batting Champion of MLB in 1997.

The franchise definitely had many well recognised players through the century. The White Sox produced 6 Rookies of the Year, three CY Young award winners (best pitcher) and quite a decent list of the Strikeout Champions with 7 titles going to their players and the last one landing in Chris Sale hands in 2015 season.

What the team lacked of in comparison to other long lasting franchise is the amount of 100 win seasons with lone one in 1917 at 100-54 and cycle hitters (rare accomplishment) with only 5 names on the list.

There’s plenty of expectations coming into 2016 season, the White Sox will try to shake of their weak 76-86 record from last year and hopefully fans will get to enjoy more wins on bugger video screens that are set to be ready for the start of the season.

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