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If you’d like to go back in time, visiting Wrigley Field is your best bet. The home of Chicago Cubs is the second oldest ballpark in the MLB and it still has a hand operated scoreboard, although recent renovations added HD video screens and other modern amenities. It was until the late eighties after the league threatens the franchise that it finally installed lights on the field to allow for late night games.

Chicago Cubs tickets are best bought so one can visit the venue in different seasons of a year due to the famous ivy growing on outfield walls as when the season starts all you can see are the vines and as the months turn it all starts to evolve the way everything around us does. Well, watching a game of baseball is also great and valid excuse to splash some money on tickets. With nearly 42500 seats there should be few tickets available for you to grab.

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The Cubs are the oldest MLB franchise (tied with the Braves) as the club was founded in 1876 as Chicago White Stockings. It wasn’t until 1903 until the team was renamed to Chicago Cubs. The best years of the franchise Fall between 1906 and 1908 when the franchise went to three World Series, winning two titles in a row (1907-08). In 1906 they won record number of 116 games in regular season (tied in 2001 by the Mariners) and posted modern era winning percentage of .763 that stands today.

The franchise reached the World Series seven more times since their last title, unfortunately they list them all and a currently a holders of the longest championship drought standing at 107 years that earned them a nickname “Lovable Losers”.

They are currently members of Central Division and hold 3 titles there to go along with two more from when they played in East Division.

They have won the NL Pennant 16 times, 6 happened before the MLB was formed.

Their best years in terms of personal awards fell in between 1935 and 1998 when 7 players from the Cubs was awarded the MVP trophy with Ernie Banks getting it twice. To these ones one might add another 4 rookies of the year in that period of time (although the franchise had some success recently, adding two more names to the list in 2008 and 2015).

The cubs also enjoyed having five CY Young award winners for the best pitcher, the last one being in 2015.

With such a long history there is many names, achievements to be listed but one does wonder if the franchise should had been able to write more pages in the MLB history books.

The Cubs had 5 100 win season with the record one at 116-36 in 1906 but their last one occurred in 1935.

There’s a glimmer of hope as in recent times, Jake Arrieta recorded a no hitter game (no hits made on his pitches) which also was a perfect game, which definitely helped him in getting the CY Young trophy and with the time changes perhaps the Cubs do have a good chance of breaking their longest streak and finally land on top if the league.

And after their last season that earned them wild card playoff berth with 97-65 record there’s something to build upon and continue to ride with the best.

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