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In 2003 a premier of the musical “Wicked” was held at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway. Soon it appeared at the Curran Theatre in San-Francisco. The performance was directed by Universal Pictures and with the help of Marc Platt. The musical is based on the novel of Gregory Maguire “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West”. After the debut the musical was criticized by lots of editors of New York Times. But on the other hand, the majority of people and audience liked a lot the play. “Wicked” tells about two witches from the wonderland Oz. One of them is Elphaba who is a bad character with green colored skin; and the other is Glinda who soon becomes the kindness witch of South. In the musical it is shown how the two so different witches are brought up and how they grow in different worlds: the world of kindness and the world of lies. The problem is when Elphaba and Glinda fell in love with the same guy – with the Wizard. Not it is very complicated to win his heart. Of course, the Wonderland supports Glinda and hopes her to stay with the Wizard. But who knows what Elphaba is planning. The costumes of the actors are very bright! Thanks the costumier, the all actors can reflect the atmosphere and emotions of a Wonderland where kind and evil witches live. Though the Broadway performance wasn’t approved, it has got Tony Award for 10 nominations. The play won the Grammy and Drama Desk Award. “Wicked” has become the most visited musical in 2003 after its debut. It has been still shown in West End and Broadway, because its popularity us high. The theatrical play is now also staged at other theatres in many countries of Europe.

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