Buy Something Rotten! Tickets

Buy Something Rotten! tickets

Buy Something Rotten! Tickets

“Something Rotten” is now shown at theatres all around the country. Don’t miss the comedy musical directed by Karey Kirkpatrick. You will endow the world of theatrical plays and the times of a great playwright William Shakespeare. The tickets for “Something Rotten” are already available for buying. In order not to stand in a long queue, use the Internet to purchase a ticket. Our online ticket booking service offers you a wide variety of plays and musical; click on the favorite one and make the order at the very moment. The online ticket will be sent right to your e-mail address, after you have confirmed the confirmation list. Our service doesn’t ask for any personal data and information about your credit card. Be sure, that we don’t cheat on customers, but try to provide them with high quality plays, amazing musicals and pleasant evenings at theatres.

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About Something Rotten!

There must have been those who once dreamt about becoming well known actors at the theatre, or great playwrights, or directors of different performances. You must have imagined how it is to create your own comedy or drama play, to perform it on a big stage where there is a huge audience watching and listening to you. Well, if a person doesn’t try, he will never know. “Something Rotten!” tells the story of two brothers – Nick and Nigel. The guys have a great desire to become famous in the theatre world. They try to do their best; they fight and struggle for their aim. But during this time – the end of 16 century and the beginning of the 17 – there was one theatre figure that no one could win. It was William Shakespeare. Who could compete him? Who could win the popular playwright? Of course, the brothers faced a failure. “Something Rotten” is written is a comedy style and presented as a musical. The founders of the play were John O’Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick who got the idea of creating such a musical already in 1990’s. But it took several long years until the “Something Rotten” was staged. Everybody expect to see the play at fifth avenue theatre in Seattle, but just before the premier it was decided to be staged on Broadway. It appeared at St. James Theatre with previews in March 2015. The dances were perfectly choreographed by Casey Nicklaw; Scott Pask was the designer of the scene and Greqq Barness made wonderful costumes that reflected the old times. During the play people enjoy nice music written by Karey and Wayane Kirkpatrick; among the song you will hear “God, I Hate Shakespeare”, The Black Death”, “I Love the Way”, “Bottom’s Gonna Be on Top” , “Welcome to the Renaissance”, “To Thine Own Self” etc.

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