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Is “Phantom of the Opera” staged in your city? Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the theatre. Concerning the tickets, you don’t have to worry at all – just enter our web page and buy it online. It is a very convenient way of buying tickets, as you don’t have to search for any box office. “Phantom of the Opera” is shown at best theatres of the world since long time; people were looking for free tickets beforehand. Now the process is easier. Just search for the play, select the place you would like to sit on and click on “buy”. In a short time the confirmation list will be sent to your e-mail. You may pay with any of ways that are offered without giving any personal data. And the work is done. Now you can visit the theatre and enjoy the mysterious performance.

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About Phantom of the Opera

The best novel of the 20 century written by a French writer Gaston Leroux is shown on worldwide stages. The plot of “Phantom of the Opera” is well known to almost everyone, as most of you have already read the novel. but still it is necessary to remain that the action is being held in an old theatre where strange things usually happens. Buy nobody pays attention. The main character is a nice young lady Christina who has unusual relation with someone with a mask of death. He looks awful; he has a weird face and fearful voice. Christina has become the obsession and greatest wish of the mysterious guy. Would you like to know more about what is going on there?  Why is the Phantom doing at the theatre? Come and watch the musical! “Phantom of the Opera” was firstly released in West End in London in 1986 and in two years is appeared on Broadway. There was not any case when the play got a failure. After each act the audience bursts out applauding for the actors for their brilliant play and the ability to convey feelings. The people feel fear, anxiety, excitements and relief – the professional actors are able to talk to the audience and make each one fall in the mysterious atmosphere of an old theatre. “Phantom of the Opera” is considered to be one of the most successful performances ever and still being staged in New York and London. The play is shown all around the world; by the year of 2011 it has been shown in 145 cities in 27 countries. In 1986 “Phantom of the Opera” got Olivier Award and in two year – Tony Award for best Musical. Today a lot of people still adore this play and look for a possibility to visit the theatre and enjoy the musical.

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