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There is one theatre performance that each child should watch – it is “Matilda The Musical”. The directors of the musical are sure that boys and girls would like to share the same abilities, as Matilda has. So why not to take the child and spend a nice evening at the theatre? There is no any problem with buying tickets for play, as we offer you doing it online. Visit our web page and choose the performance. See whether it is shown in your city; then select the seat and confirm the order. For confirmation you will get a special list to your e-mail. The process of paying is conducted in a safe way without publishing any personal data. Many customers have already used this opportunity and remained satisfied; be the next one to make a successful purchase. The amazing “Matilda The musical” play is about to start, so be quick.

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About Matilda The Musical

Does your child usually go to theatres? Has he ever been to a musical? If he has not still got acquainted with the theatre world, “Matilda The Musical” will be a good choice to start with. This play is based on a book “Matilda” written by Roald Dahl. Dennis Kelly – the director of the play – was inspired by the book and decided to make all characters to come to live on a stage. He was sure that many boys and girls would like to see a live performance of the well known story. Tim Minchin wrote the music and lyrics, creating a magic and calm atmosphere in the theatre. “Matilda The Musical” is not directed in a common way; there are a lot of dances, songs, joy and happiness. The story starts with the meeting with Matilda – a 5 years old girl who adores reading books; but she is a girl with a God given talent as well – Matilda has telekinesis that allows her to know what other think. When children at the audience find out that Matilda can do it, they immediately want to have such ability as well, but no one can learn how to do it. Matilda’s gift helps her a lot: she can easily solve problems with her mother, overcome the obstacles at school and give advices to others. For examples, the girl has helped her teacher to renovate her life and start a new way of living. “Matilda The musical” was firstly shown at the Countryyard theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. In two years it was already released at London’s Cambridge theatre; and soon even was on Broadway. The musical was a success among both children and their parents. In 2013 “Matilda the Musical” won Tony Award for best Book of a Musical and five more awards.

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