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Kevin Hart – who is this guy and why actually people love so much watching his comedy performance? Kevin was born is Philadelphia and as his father was in jail during all Kevin’s childhood, mom brought the child up. It was difficult to the boy to grow without the support of father – and soon it affected his career. The first time Kevin appeared on stage was when studying at college, but the real performance was at The Laff House in Philadelphia under the name Lil Kev; but, unfortunately, the performance wasn’t successful. Kevin even was booed off by throwing piece of chicken at him. Bu t this bad luck came to its end when Kevin started appearing at comedy competitions. They helped Hart a lot; on the one hand, it made him famous round the country; and on the other hand, Hart could find his own style of making jokes. He said that a comedy artist shouldn’t hide anything from the audience; people must enjoy the performance as if it were a book. Bill Cosby had a great influence in Kevin, especially when he tried to find himself in stand-up and define his unique comedy style. But besides being a guest in comedic show, Hart also took part in some series and movies. For example, “Undeclared”, “Paper soldiers”, “Little Fockers”, “In the mix”, “Scary movie 3” and many others. In 2008 Kevin’s first sand-up album “I’m a grown little man” was released. In 2009 Hart started touring with the programs “I’m a grown little man”, “Seriously Funny” and “Laugh at my pain”. This tour has become one of the best selling tours of the year. Kevin took great pains in order to succeed and finally, he reached his aim – he has become a well known comedy artist of nowadays.

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