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Jeff Dunham is one of the American comedy artists who uses a unique and original way of making the audience enjoy and laugh on the jokes he tells. You cannot miss the opportunity to come and see his wonderful performance. The applauses at the hall talk for themselves. Use the possibility of ordering an online ticket for Jeff Dunham’s performance. From now buying a ticket is very comfortable. Just visit our online ticket booking service and choose the date of performance. We offer several ways of buying tickets – you may choose the more convenient for you. There are people who afraid of making online purchase because of the possibility of being cheated. Let us guarantee to you that all your information will be kept unpublished. Use the chance and spend a nice weekend evening in a theatre, laughing on ridicules stories and having fun with a great American comic Jeff Dubham.

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An American stand-up comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is known all around the United States for his unique style of making stand-up. What is this special style? How does he gather a huge amount of people in the theatres? What are the main topics Jeff Dunham crack jokes on? Well, Jeff was born in Texas and was the only son in the family. From early age he started trying ventriloquist. It was the first job he earned money from. After graduating from university, Jeff took part in “Sugar babies” – a well known Broadway show with some of celebrities, as Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller. Soon he attended a musical festival in Long Island “Westbury Music Fair”. But nothing brought him success. A comedy show “Comedy Central Presents” was the first time Jeff performed in front of the audience as a solo artist. from this time his has become popular in the whole country. He didn’t expect for this to come – it was a great shock, but it made Dunham to keep working and making attempts to be recognizable in other countries. His main secret is using different puppets in the performance. The bright puppets have different characters and each of them performs a funny role in the play. For example, Walter is a puppet of an old man, who is always grumpy about all things that happen. He is a veteran of the war in Vietnam; he usually talks sarcastically. Achmed the Dead Terrorist is another character who describes and makes jokes on the modern ways of conducting a terror. His most famous words are «Silence! I kill you!» Everyone likes listening to his stories and laugh because of silly and funny way of speaking. There are many more of puppets; but you will meet all of them at the performance.

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