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The great musical “Hamilton” is the play that will teach the viewers some useful information about one of the leading politicians of the United States of the 18 century. Get informed about his life and contribution in the history and independence of America. Buying tickets for the evening performance for “Hamilton” is very easy. Your task is to visit our online ticket booking service and click on “Hamilton” performance; select the necessary date and seat. There are different prices that depend on the place you choose; there is a theatre seat location that is available online, so you may see the prices for every seat. The musical “Hamilton” is shown at many theatres around the world; people from the United States, Europe and even Asia can find out some new facts about Alexander Hamilton and enjoy a nice instructive evening in the theatre.

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The Aladdin performance was firstly shown in Broadway in 2014 and soon has become one of the most favorite performances among young children and their parents. Today the tickets for Aladdin are sold out very quick. This impressive Arabic tale-story is about kindness, braveness and love. Aladdin is the main character of the story; he is very kind, honest, open hearted and responsible. He falls in love with a young lady – princess Jasmine. She is very beautiful but she doesn’t like the old sultan. She needs someone to provide her with happy life. But what can a poor boy as Aladdin do in order win her heart? With the help of his new friend Genie, Aladdin gets new forces and wishes to fight the evil sultan and behave very manfully. He wants her beloved to stay with him. Aladdin doesn’t chase after fame, richness or wealth, because he is a simple guy who values freedom and justice. This love story is known among children all over the world. Girls dream about such a brave guy who will love them forever. On the other hand, boys want to become as brave as Aladdin. The story teaches young children to follow moral values: be kind and honest, bent every effort to attain the goal and the most important is that love exists. Love saves the world and leads to in it. The audience will be impressed with new costumes and decorations: the directors of the performance work on making the play bright and unforgettable. The clothing is designed in Arabic style to show all peculiarities of dressing of that time. On the background you will see the beauty and charm of Muslim city. The Disney tale is shown in many countries in the world; kids and adults can enjoy the performance in famous theaters.

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