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Does your child like watching Disney movies? Is Disney character his favorite one? Does he want to meet all Mickey Mouse friends? Make his dream come true! Buy a ticket for the new performance “Disney on Ice” together with your child. In order to buy the ticket, you don’t have to leave home any more. Do it online with the help of our ticket booking service. Fill in the online form and get a confirmation list to your e-mail. There is nothing easier that purchasing a ticket in such way. Choose the front seats in order the child can watch everything that happens on the ice. The prices of tickets will vary due to location of the seat. You may check the price before buying the ticket and use the online location map to see how the seats are placed. In several minutes the tickets for “Disney on Ice” will be yours.

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If you ask a young child about his favorite cartoon or movie characters, he will definitely name the ones from Disney. This corporation that deals with making cute and lovely characters, which appear in movies; today they have become so popular, that besides toys, you may come across Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Pubma or Peter Pan on children’s clothes, furniture, notebooks, pillows etc. And children like them very much. The new theatrical performance “Disney on Ice” is something that the kids have not seen yet. The magic world of Disney is now got frozen; winter has come and snow is everywhere. Do you remember the favorite princesses? Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora, Mulan and the one who has began the new time is Snow white. Get acquainted with Alice from the Wonderland, meet the Mad hatter in new theatrical character, see how the African guests: Pumba, Timon, Simba and Nala feel in the frozen Kingdom. Captain Hook and his friends are already waiting for kind to come and teach them how to gain moral values. All these friend of your kid will be there – skating on ice. Each character has his own story that he will tell the kids about it. Wonderful music and charming songs will accompany each story. The melodic noted will remind about Christmas holidays and will create a cozy feeling the hall. Traditional Disney moments are all shown on ice. Do you want to see Cinderella dancing with her prince? Are you curious how Timon and Pumba will survive in cold? You may see all is in the nee performance of “Disney on Ice”. Parent can enjoy the play as well. It is a nice opportunity to spend both children and parents together, enjoying the magic and fairy atmosphere of a Disney World.

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