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Do you want to get tickets for “China Doll”? Do you want to get inspired and impressed by nonstandard plot? So here you are. Buy tickets for “China Doll” performance in your city via the Internet. How is it possible? Choose the date of performance and the seats for you and your friend; then get the confirmation list in your e-mail. The list you have received is used as the ticket for the play. The price of the ticket will depend on the seat you have chosen. You may look at the theatre seat location at our web page – there you will find the real prices. We allow customers to choose the way of payment and be sure that we provide you with a secure system of payment; because our main goal is to give you an opportunity to spend a lovely evening in the theatre watching the “China Doll” with your friend.

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About China Doll

“Chine Doll” is the names of American play, where the strength of money and power are shown. The plot is very energetic with fast changing of pictures and acts. At the beginning we meet the main character who is a wealth man who desires to do everything in order to win the heart of his beloved. The man has a lot of money and doesn’t count it at all; he can afford buying expensive goods; he tends to go for entertainments and pleasure; he enjoys life in the way he wants it. But one day he falls in love with a young beautiful woman. Money – is nothing for her; money cannot change your life; it cannot bright happiness. Can it? She is a person of feelings and expressing emotions. The man puts great pains to make the young lady to fall in love with him. A plane was a wedding gift for the fiancée. Now the couple is ready to change their life and start their living together from point zero. But then one phone call – one calling that can change everything. Will the couple leave together? Who was is on the phone? Do you think the hero is able to change his life in order to make her happy? Is he able to leave all funs and devote his life to her? You will have all these questions answered during the play. All we can guarantee is a vivid plot, bright costumes of actors and dynamic songs. The directors of “China Doll” guarantee that the audience will enjoy the original and unique plot; every time the performance is held the hall is full; at the end people burst into applause. Feel the breathtaking atmosphere during “China Doll” with your family or friend – you will enjoy it for sure.

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