Buy An American in Paris Tickets

Buy An American in Paris Tickets

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Though the play “An American in Paris” is an old one, today it is still shown on many stages all round the world. The audience consists from people of different ages: elder couples who come to remind about their youth; adults and also young people who want to learn something new about the theatre of that time; to learn how relationship has changed with the years. The play usually has a full hall. “An American in Paris” is popular not only in the Unites States but also in many European countries. If you have free time in Friday evening, come to the theatre in your place and enjoy a nice lovely story with a happy end. Now the process of buying tickets is simplified. All you have to do is to visit our online booking tickets service, select the date and choose the favorite seat in the hall. And after that you have tickets for evening performance of “An American in Paris” for you and your beloved.

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About Broadway Play An American in Paris

George Gershwin an American playwright and pianist created a musical called “An American in Paris” in 1951. Though the script wasn’t so rich and vivid, the American society could feel the delicate love story and real emotions. “An American in Paris” tells the story of an American soldier – Gene Kelly – who was fighting during the war and after its end came to Europe to earn some money. Among all European cities he has chosen Paris – a romantic place of all times. Here he works as a painter. The poor artist is captured by a wealth Parisian woman. The lady has lots of money and is ready to buy all Gene’s masterpiece in order to share with him her love. But Gene seems to love another woman – Lisa – a poor lady who is already married. Here is the problem: how can Gene win her attention? How is it possible to love a woman who has a husband? But Lisa’s husband catches the point, suddenly he understands that there is nothing better than two people who love each other; they must be together. No one can interrupt love; no one has the right to separate two loving hearts. There is a happy end that makes that audience bursts into applause. It is worth saying that the simple plot is followed by breathtaking music by George Gershwin that helped to gain success in the whole world. The songs “I got rhythm”, “I’ll built a Stairway to Paradise”, “Our love is here to stay” evoke a feeling of sincere and pure love. The ballet in “An American in Paris” is holding on 16 minutes; during the time the audience stay impresses and inspired by the original dances and smooth movements of dancers. Don’t miss the opportunity to absorb into the world of fondness.

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