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Buffalo Bulls Tickets

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UB Stadium is the home for the Buffalo Bulls football team. The venue was opened to the public in 1993 and after undergoing an expansion in 1999 the stadium can hold 31000 fans.

Buffalo Bulls tickets buyers can rest assured that the future looks promising as the stadium is meant to be expanded to match up with other football stadiums.

Basketball players use hospitality of Alumni Arena that is capable of holding over 6000 spectators. The venue opened in 1982 and underwent some refurbishments including installation of brand new state of art sound and video systems to enhance fans entertainment value.

About Buffalo Bulls

Buffalo Bulls football team has played its first season in 1894 whereas the basketball joined in competing in 1915. The Bulls are located in Mid-American Conference in Division I (FBS for football team).

The college’s colours are blue and white and Victor E. Bull is the team’s mascot that even had a commercial spot in TV among other mascots.

Buffalo Bulls football team hasn’t got the greatest all time record to boast about as they had lost more games than they won. The team’s been to two Bowl games, losing both by a sizeable margin.

It wasn’t until 2007 when the Bulls finally clinched their division title which they repeated it a year later when they also won a conference title.

Despite overall lack of success the program had fielded some accomplished players who went into having a fulfilling NFL careers including Pro Bowler Khalil Mack, a hybrid between outside linebacker and defensive end who plays for Oakland Raiders, that drafted him fifth overall in 2014 Draft.

Mack despite his young age has already be named to First team All- Pro along his Pro Bowl nomination; he set the franchise’s record in sacks in one game with 5 and was also named Defensive Rookie of the Year by ESPN in 2014.

Another notable Bull in the NFL is John Starks who went onto winning Super Bowl with the Packers and is holding the franchise’s record for rushing yards by a rookie in postseason.

Buffalo Bulls must be a patient lot as the basketball team had not fared much better from their gridiron colleagues.

Basketball program had reached NCAA tournament twice but it took them a century of their existence to get there as first they appeared there was in 2015 after winning conference tournament championship, a feat they repeated a season later in 2016 that led them to another NCAA tournament.

The Bulls have also two division championships to their name and one conference regular season title to be happy about.

Unfortunately the program had not fielded a lot of players that found a transition to NBA successful.

Sam Pellon had spent four seasons among the NBA players, playing for the Hawks and the Bucks before exploring European basketball. He is to date the only Bull that made it to NBA in history of the college.

Other notable players like Javon McCrea and Mitchell Watt explored European leagues and made their homes there.Watt won German Cup championship with Alba Berlin and was also a Balkan League champion with Hapoel Gilboa Galil.

Some universities are just that little bit better in producing successful teams than others. Plus basketball and football are not the only team sports out there so it’d not surprise anyone to see Buffalo Bulls excelling in a different field.

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